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Minerals and Rocks

Minerals and Rocks

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Published: 3 years ago

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This book is intended for first year students of geology. The physical properties of minerals are described after a brief introduction presenting the rock cycle, followed by some relevant aspects of crystallography. Rock-forming minerals are then treated systematically, concentrating first on silicates followed by the most important non-silicate minerals. The three main groups of rocks are then considered: igneous (plutonic and volcanic), sedimentary and metamorphic. The text is well illustrated with 16 photographs of minerals and a total of 89 figures.


I am a beginner in Rock education, have always Loved them and their beauty! :) This book is highly appreciated. :)

Linda Kranz

I love rock formations, & in the canyon we live in we have both the Pacific & North American Plates, with a multitude f ancient & current faultlines. Blue/Green Geist rock is seen readily. Rocks are too fun!!!


thanks very muchthis book was so useful for me

Margaret Liggett

This seems to be a clear and comprehensive book covering the basics of minerals and rock types. Really good for a beginner.


The book is very interesting and has a lot of information


J. Richard Wilson

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