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Zombie Hell
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Chapter 1
On the carpet
Karen K lein was in the middle of changing her tampon when her phone signaled a text.
She sat back down on the toilet and checked the name on the screen. It was her boss Diane
Garber asking her to come to her office as soon as possible. This was the message Karen had
been dreading for a long time causing her to avoid her supervisor at all costs. Now she was stuck
and began to sweat and shake.
Finishing what she came to do, she exited the stall, washed up and left the ladies room in
a panic. She then headed down the short hall to Diane‟s office with her heart racing, pounding in
her chest. She paused for a moment, knocked on the door and stepped inside the room where she
saw the head of Human Resources Hermann Haas sitting to the side of Diane‟s desk. He was
guarding some papers lying neatly in a stack in front of him.
“Come on in Karen,” Diane said. She was flat, cold and didn‟t crack a smile.
Karen stepped over to the desk and took the only seat available. She crossed her arms and
legs taking a defensive posture waiting for someone to speak. The other two pushed papers
around and made sure Karen was comfortable before they spoke up.
“Do you know why we called you in here Karen?” Diane asked.
Karen shrugged her shoulders and didn‟t say a word trying to hide her nerves.
“As you know, you have failed to make quota again for the fourth month in a row. You
were put on probation two months ago with the agreement you would make up the difference. As
of now-you have not.”
“Are you firing me?” Karen asked.
“What do you think we should do?” Diane asked. “We gave you ample time to make up
for lost sales.”