Ziggy Two Step - Courier Extraordinaire HTML version

resources to acquire an extended formal education which was only available in Golden, a
larger town 50 miles to the south.
Monday June 27th
Ziggy Two Step had applied for a job with 5 Minute Courier which was located in City Central,
a 4 blocks square area right smack dab in the middle of town. It was a name the town folk
adopted for the business part of town and they all got quite a chuckle out of it. Even more so,
when the tourists (infrequent though they may be) never could quite grasp the concept. His
philosophy in life was time is money and Ziggy was not one to waste it. He was the ideal
employee for such a company and they hired him immediately. He was now the newest
member of the Bicycle Corps which consisted of him and one other, a friendly and likeable
young man who had migrated from somewhere in the east .... somewhere in the Orient to be
more precise. Some of the folks didn’t really regard Wung Chou as all that young, principally
because he was somewhere near his 70th birthday but he was very fit and young in the mind.
He was an efficient bicycle courier but business was booming and he needed help. What a
dynamic duo these two would become.
Monday, June 27th was his first day on the job and like any other new job, the day was spent
learning the ropes or more precisely, learning the quickest ways to get from here to there.
Ziggy was confident because he knew he was fast. A full-fledged member of the Bicycle Corps
of 5 Minute Courier. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Besides, everyone in town didn’t
really expect to get their parcel or package within 5 minutes. Heck, that was just the name of
the company, right? In fact if you have to courier something from one end of town to the
other, it might take 18 minutes or even longer. The town folk never complained.
Wouldn’t you know that Ziggy Two Step’s first delivery was a package to James Reynolds, the
Mayor of Riverton. The mayor’s office was, of course, in City Hall. To see the Mayor, if he had
time to see you in such a busy town, meant climbing the 12 steps, entering the front door and
proceeding to the end of the hallway and turning left ... or zigging left if you prefer. So off
goes Ziggy, peddling as fast as he can, down Memory Lane and through the 4 way stop
(slowing down of course) to arrive at City Hall in under 3 minutes. He jumps off the bike,
heads towards the front door two steps at a time - zigs a bit, attempts to zag to compensate
for the zig and collides with Mabel Hines, Riverton’s oldest citizen. Her purse goes flying into
a rose bush, her cane gets caught between her legs and she finds herself on the sidewalk. She
didn’t have a clue what hit her.