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The Early Years
Ziggy was born and raised in Riverton, a mid-size town located in a small valley in Northern
Montana. Population 51,407. Crime Rate Low. Major Tourist Attraction - none to speak of.
His real name was Thomas Edward Haliburton but by the time he was 14 months old, it was
largely forgotten. Once he learnt how to stand homus erectus, it was not long before he took
his first steps, followed soon after with an increase of speed and forward progression that was
not always in a straight line. He zigged left. He zagged right. Rarely did he go straight. To call
him Ziggy Zaggy seemed a bit cruel to do to someone who had not passed his 2nd birthday.
His Mom, his Dad and his older sister Lynn all agreed that Ziggy was the only proper title to
bestow upon him.
At the age of 5, he could just about outrun his Mom. Two years later, it was all Dad could do
to keep up with him. Ziggy was known for speed - he was born to run. At the age of 8, Ziggy
was tall enough to be able to take 2 steps at a time regardless of the steepness which
challenged him. Ziggy never walked up a staircase but rather sprinted upward missing every
alternate step. Why climb a staircase one step at a time when you can reach the top in half
the time? Soon after, nobody called him Ziggy anymore. Instead they called him Ziggy Two
Now Ziggy Two Step’s life was not all that different from most boys his age. He liked to play
ball, his favourite ice cream was chocolate chip and he loved to dream of one day being rich.
He finished his schooling at the prime old age of 17 simply because his folks didn’t have the
means to send him on to college. Ziggy Two Step was no dummy though - he just lacked the