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Lindsay H.F. Brambles
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ZERO----OPTION by Lindsay Brambles
OPTION by Lindsay Brambles
I wrote Zero-Option back in the eighties on a Commodore 64 using a great little
wordprocessor called Paperclip. For a few years it just languished while I worked on other things,
including what would eventually become In Darkness Bound (ISBN 1-4241-6560-1), my novel
now available from PublishAmerica ( and as of April 2007 in wider
release to bookstores and online retailers like and Barnes&Noble.
Zero-Option is about forty thousands words, which puts it in the novella category. I had
thought of expanding it into a book, but in going over it I realized that would probably just make it
bloated and weaken the story. Everything that needs to be in there is, and adding more would just
be deadweight.
The story is essentially told from the perspective of Commander Nathan Imbrahim, but it is
really about Captain Lhara Jhordel. The same Lhara Jhordel who is an ensign in my novel In
Darkness Bound. This story you’re about to read, however, takes place about four decades after
events in the novel.
The original version of this story was submitted in competition at the 1989 Pinecone II
Science Fiction Convention and won first place. As such, I think rather fondly of it, and despite the
fact that some years have passed since then, I believe it holds up well.
If you enjoy this story I hope you’ll check out for
information on In Darkness Bound. The latter is set in the same universe and once again involves
Fleet. It’s a war novel of the future and Lhara Jhordel figures prominently in it. Within the context
of that story you get to see how she became the officer she is in this one.
This story and others, as well as several novels in various stages of completion (the sequel
to In Darkness Bound is all but finished) are intended to create a sort of ‘future history,’ hence the
Chronicles of the Earth Empire heading above. Whether they will see completion and publication
will essentially be up to you, the paying public. It takes a lot of time and effort to write books, and
though I get immense pleasure out of doing so, that does not, unfortunately, pay the bills. So I
encourage you to read this story and hope you’ll be encouraged to seek out and buy In Darkness
Bound. If I can sell enough copies of that book I may be able to push on with getting out the next
one—providing my publisher considers it worthy of publication.
And now I leave you to Zero-Option. Happy reading.
Lindsay H.F. Brambles, Ottawa, 2007