Zen Picture Book for Children HTML version

Dear Parent,
This book has been written keeping your child in mind. With the
passing of time, life for children is becoming more stressful and
competitive. Children are supposed to grow quickly and learn all
what they can quickly too. Our children are changing; with
undue stress, they are turning violent, morose, depressed, self-
centered, disrespectful, rude and selfish. In other word, they are
turning different by the day.
This book will positively help the child change his attitude
towards the world he lives in. Either you may read this story to
the children while explaining it to them or ,if the children can
read and understand English well, they may read this book
This story is about a boy in Japan who was rude and stubborn.
He lost his parents at an early age and was looked after by his
grandparents while his neighbor, who was also his father’s best
friend, guides this little boy to understand the hidden secrets of
nature and science, which this boy shares in this book with other
children. At fifteen, today this boy has acquired knowledge
which a person four times his age may be ignorant of. This book
will definitely help even the parents understand some facts of
Eric EH Buddhadharma.
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