Your Simple Guide to Aromatherapy HTML version

Section 1
Introduction- A Quick History
Like acupuncture, aromatherapy, the use of Essential Oils for healing, has been in use
for more than 6,000 years. Its origins aren't completely documented, but there is
enough evidence to show that aromatic essences have been used for healing over
many centuries.
It's possible it all began in Australia with the aborigines over 40,000 years ago, but they
weren't known for keeping records. Much of their history has been passed along
orally from generation to generation, much like that of the native tribes everywhere,
including the native North American Indians, whose history also is rich with the use of
fragrant oils for religious and therapeutic purposes.
However, the Egyptians, with their use of stone tablets inscribed with stories of their
culture, are generally credited with being the first to establish the use of aromatic or
essential oils. Later, the Greeks learned from the Egyptians, and still later, the Romans
learned from the Greeks. At the same time, fragrant oils and plant essences were being
explored in ancient China.