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Your Life or Mine HTML version

There are worlds within our world if you know where to look. Some people are tuned in
to these other worlds by the magic of their souls. Sometimes a ritual will open the door.
The Indian used peyote. Certain drugs break the walls separating the other universes
though the effects of the drugs impair the ability to interact with what you encounter
there. Perhaps the best way is to travel with a guide.
How you say? Well let me show you, sit back, relax,turn the page and follow me. This is
just one world, the world of Macia. It's the combined creation of the Goddess and the
Horned God. More about them in a minute. This is a land of strange beings that war
over domination.The Fae live here, Demons, Witches, Humans,and a new
breed...Vampyres. The vampyre were created by Demons but they lost control of them,
and now the vampyre threaten to eclipse this world.
Ah yes, I promised to tell you more about the Goddess and Horned God. The Goddess
and Horned God were once lovers and created this world together, to keep themselves
amused. But as all lovers, they have their little spats...and the Goddess had grown tired
of the Horned God's incessant demands. They both took lovers from their created world
but the Horned God became jealous, and decided to wreck the creation, without letting
the Goddess know what he was up to.
So he told one of the Demon Lords that ruled the Seven Hells how to create a creature
that drinks blood, and has the potential of being immortal like the Goddess and Horned
God. Which brings us to the adventures of Rem. Created from the combined souls of a
wolf and a tiger. Well loved by the Goddess. As we find him, he is a bounty hunter and a
sellsword, working for his liege lord, Azael.
Chapter 1: Making A Living The Old Hard Way
Rem didn't need a lot, a loner, he made his living collecting bounties, and in hiring out
as a sell-sword. In his early thirties, he was unmarried, self reliant, and had no intention
of settling down. He never knew his family. They were killed in a raid on his village when
he was just a babe. He had been taken in and raised by an old man the rest of the
villagers believed to be a warlock.