Your Home Business (Extremely Useful Guide for Newbies)


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This FREE e-Book/Guide is a must-read for anyone starting up a home-based business. Learn the basic considerations and strategies that you need to start up the right way. Profits do not happen overnight, so be prepared to put in the necessary work to assure your success. Download this FREE e-Book today!


thanks for this..hope you'll share more..

Emina Halilovic

Good advices and hopeful award.

Claudia Friedman

Surprisingly good! I am very grateful to stumble across this find. I was expecting some type of sale pitch but delightfully got none. Hans Norgaard has some very insightful advice in an easy to read format. Looking past the grammar and spelling errors, this is a little gem!


Hans Norgaard

I am an educated CPA from University of South Denmark. For 12 years I worked as a CPA in Denmark, but after that I have been traveling around the world as a specialist in staring up manufacturing factories, in Germany, Africa, Lithuania, Russia and USA. So with my background I have been an entrepreneur in many different environments and cultures, which means I have learned to fight for success and never give up. Over the last year, when I was working in Colorado, USA, I started up as a Internet Marketer and the business I running very well today after a long fight and challenges in the beginning

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