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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started: From Confusion to Knowledge

Associations and Internet Resources

Magazines and Journals

Doctors, Care Providers, and Therapists

Support Groups

Support Groups and Accountability

Primary Focus

Chapter 2: Reviewing Fibromyalgia

History and Introduction



Fibromyalgia Triggers


Causal Theories

Chapter 3: Fibromyalgia: The Elusive Fiend

General Confusion

A Tough Nut to Crack

Symptom–Cause Interplay and Confusion

Negative Feedback Loops

Medical System

"Magic Pill Syndrome"

Effective Treatment - Overwhelming Options

Chapter 4: Self-Management: Basis for Effective Treatment

Taking Responsibility

Education - Laying the Foundation for Success

Defining Your Fibromyalgia

Building Your Team

Take Action

Setting Goals

Become a Problem-Solver

Evaluating Treatment Options


Self-Management Conclusion

Chapter 5: Treating Fibromyalgia: What you need to know

Medical Specialists

Create a Partnership with your Physician

FDA-Approved Pharmaceuticals


Prescription Sleep Medications

Anti-Anxiety Medications

Pain Management

Coping Strategies for Pain

Dietary Supplements




Chapter 6: Pulling it all Together: A Systematic Approach


Tracking Symptoms

Tracking Causal Relationships, Events, and Triggers

Tracking Your Treatments

“Intelligent Trial and Error” – A Concept and a System

The Key to Success

Chapter 7: The Future: "FibroTrack"

FibroTrack: Internet Enhanced Self-Management