Your Guide to Make Hundreds Online HTML version

to making lots of money online, but it will inevitably involve
you giving some time to the project at the beginning. You don’t
need to make a huge company like Google or even employ any
staff – you can be your own boss and still have money trickling
into your bank account, even whilst you sleep. It’s a completely
passive income, and once up and running, may involve as little
as just 1 hour a day or even less work.
So what is this big secret then? Your reading one right now!
Yes, the secret to making a great passive income online is
by selling e-books. Once you have written yours, then you can
have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of dollars entering
your account every week. Don’t panic, the idea of writing an
e-book may seem daunting, but I will explain to you how to:
Find out if there is a market for your e-Book.
Write a professional Google ad.
Make a sales letter for your web site, that sells the
So what actually is an e-Book and how can you earn real money