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Your guide to making hundreds online

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Please note: This publication is not an offer or recommendation of securities or a financial product or any mentioned strategy, or a  provision  of  investment  or  financial  product  advice.  All strategies contain risks. Previous results are not an indication of future results. The term “best” in this publication means my personal favourite and is my opinion only not necessarily the best  product  on  the  market.  We  make  no  representation  or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained  in  this  publication  and  accept  no  responsibility  or liability   whatsoever   for   any   interpretation,   opinion,   or conclusion that the reader may form as a result of reading any information  contained  in  this  publication.  The  reader  should seek its own independent legal, accounting, financial or other advice   in   respect   of   any   information   contained   in   this publication before making any financial decision. Any reliance by the reader on any information contained in this publication is solely at the risk of the reader. The director/s may have their own money invested in some or all of the strategies listed above.

Now down to the important stuff!

I’m going to let you in on a secret that could change your life and your bank account forever.

For a long while, making money online has been criticised as a huge scam that rips people off and charges them huge rates for nothing. However, this is not always the case, people CAN really make hundreds online while they sleep!

So, ask yourself a simple question: “If you could choose your favourite job, what would it be?” Maybe one that incorporates your favourite hobby? But why work at a job that incorporates your hobby, when you can have enough income to actually do your hobby instead? In this guide, I will show you how to really make hundreds of dollars online, within a short period of time!

Make hundreds online, step 1 finding a niche market

Firstly, this is not an instant income secret that will make you piles of cash while you do nothing at all. This is a guide to making lots of money online, but it will inevitably involve you giving some time to the project at the beginning. You don’t need to make a huge company like Google or even employ any staff – you can be your own boss and still have money trickling into your bank account, even whilst you sleep. It’s a completely passive income, and once up and running, may involve as little as just 1 hour a day or even less work.

So what is this big secret then? Your reading one right now! Yes, the secret to making a great passive income online is by selling e-books. Once you have written yours, then you can have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of dollars entering your account every week. Don’t panic, the idea of writing an e-book may seem daunting, but I will explain to you how to:

  • Find out if there is a market for your e-Book.
  • Write a professional Google ad.
  • Make a sales letter for your web site, that sells the e-Book.

So what actually is an e-Book and how can you earn real money from one? An e-Book is an “electronic book”, that includes information and knowledge on a chosen subject. They tend to be marketed at between $20 and $50 each and are downloaded from the web site onto the customer’s computer.

The first thing to do is to decide what you are going to write your e-Book about. This is probably the hardest part, out of all of the work that you have to do. Spend time thinking about what you specialise in – everyone has something that they have specialist knowledge of. Basically, your customer is purchasing the information from your brain. Write down what type of subjects you enjoy or have special knowledge of – possibly a hobby or your work.

  1. _______________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________
  4. _______________________________________________
  5. _______________________________________________
  6. _______________________________________________
  7. _______________________________________________
  8. _______________________________________________
  9. _______________________________________________
  10. ______________________________________________

Right, now that you have written these down, think up a problem solving statement for each one. For example, if you have written “Computing” for one of these subjects, the problem solving statement could be “How to use a computer” etc.

Here are some that I came up with for myself:

How to play snooker

How to learn French

How to grow sunflowers

How to paint realistic portraits

How to save on your electricity costs

How to learn piano

How to network your home

How to play chess

How to claim free money

How to make money online

You can also write down what magazine you bought or interest you had, at different points in your life:

  1. _____________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________
  4. _____________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________
  6. ______________________________________________
  7. ______________________________________________
  8. ______________________________________________
  9. ______________________________________________
  10. ______________________________________________

Remember: Don’t be too wide, but don’t be too specific.

Now, to find out if there is a niche market out there for you to sell your e-Book on, you will need to go to, click on “visit the resource Center” then on “keyword selector tool” under the “Tools” column. A small window will pop-up, with a search box.



Now go into Google and type in each one of your problem-solving phrases. On the left of the screenshot below, are the most relevant web sites for the phrase “How to network your home”, and you will also notice on the left of the page below,  some other web sites. These are paid Google advertisements.  If there are any in your search, visit their web sites and see if there are any e-books selling on your topic.


See if there are any relevant Google ads, selling e-books, appearing when you have typed your problem solving statement into Google. If there are, then there is probably a profitable niche market for you to sell your e-book in.

A few points of advice:

  • I do not recommend that you make your first e-book on making money online or anything similar because the market is very competitive and these web sites pay a lot of money per click, compared with other industries. Another large e-book market that I would not recommend you produce your first e-Book in is the weight loss industry. Your first should be on something you already know a lot about.
  • Be careful that there are not already free e-Books on your chosen subject – to find out, search Google’s first couple of pages under your chosen subject or visit and search their database of free e-Books on your chosen subject.
  • You can pay to find out what keywords are typed into Google. This does cost, but if you want a precise list of such information, this is a great way of finding it out. You should want approximately 500 searches for your keyword a day or more, depending on the niche market. If will also suggest other relevant keywords for you.
  • You should spend several days working on this – it can’t be done in just 5 minutes. Let the market decide what is best for you, after all, you will be selling to meet the needs of the market.

To move onto step 2, you must have found the following things:

  1. A Google ad that leads to web site selling an e-Book on your topic.
  2. The problem solving statement that you typed into Google must have over 1000 searches per month, according to the Overture keyword selector tool such as “Playing the piano”
  3. Narrowed that phrase down to be as precise as possible e.g. “Learn how to play the piano” etc.
  4. Written that phrase here: _______________________________________
  5. Printed out 3 Google ads that sell an e-Book on your topic and also 3 of the web sites that those Google ads take you to. The e-Books must be selling for at least $20 or more.
  6. How many searches for that phrase were there on Overture last month? ___________
  7. The actual price that the e-Books were selling for: _________ _________ _________

Make sure that you have done this correctly, it may take a while but I urge you to spend enough time on it and get it properly done, or otherwise, your entire project will become much harder and the earning potential of your e-Book could be significantly reduced.

Make hundreds online, step 2 creating your e-Book

If you’re like me, then you will have found that part the hardest. I am great at actually getting on with the work, but thinking up the idea at the start is always the hardest.

Now it’s time for you to actually create your e-Book. I can’t actually tell you what to write, but I can give you some guidelines on how to go about it.

First of all, you will probably need to research the subject and ‘top-up’ your current knowledge. Do not spend more that a few weeks in your spare time doing this. Your e-Book will need to be precise and it will need to have the technical vocabulary of your chosen subject – it will need to speak in the way that your readers can understand but also use technical knowledge and words that will be specific to your subject.

Secondly, a rough guide for the length of many e-Books is around or over 15 pages. However, there doesn’t need to be writing on every line, most e-Books, such as this one, space out the lines – have about 1 to 1.5 lines between every written line. It is also a good idea to include some pictures – if the e-Book is about some aspect of computers, then you could include several screenshots to illustrate what you are saying.

Thirdly, spend absolutely no more than a few weeks of your spare time writing the e-Book, it doesn’t need to be too long as this only daunts the reader. If you are writing a very long e-Book, you could sell it as two e-Books or put a higher price on it. The normal price, as I said earlier, was between $20 and $50, although many sell for much more.

Assess what the advantage will be to your reader, if they will profit financially from the e-Book, you could sell it at $50 or possibly more (if you have good content or a long e-Book). If the e-Book is purely informative, then the sales price should be respectively less.

Another note: Most e-Books are published as .pdf files, that are created by Abode. You will almost definitely need to publish your e-Book as one to be successful. However, Abode charge huge royalties if you create your e-Book via them. You can make reliable e-Books from other free programs that convert your Word or other document to .pdf, so that it can still be viewed in Abode Acrobat, by your customer. If you can’t afford to buy Abode, then I recommend that you download and use which is quite reliable. To make a Word document into a PDF file using it, once it is installed, click File, then Print and then select the printer “PDF995”. It will automatically turn the document into a PDF file, and this PDF file can be uploaded. For a list of other free alternatives for your project, download my “Freebies for your e-Book project”.

You have reached the end of the trial version. You are completely free to resell this e-book at whatever price you wish, give it away as a bonus or send it to your friends. If you would like to purchase the rest of the e-book, to complete your e-course, please visit The full version includes the most important parts, writing your sales letter and marketing it correctly.

Best regards,

Daniel Price

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