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The point is to talk about things related to your own business and products.

Use subjects as a transition into your business.

There are multiple ways to use the status updates, but if you only have your real friends and family on your friends list, they are unlikely to be effective, as they only want to hear about you, not what you have to promote. One good 34

way to get around this is to approach other people on the site and ensure al aspects of your profile are set up to make your purpose and interests clear.


Make sure that you demonstrate some knowledge when you make a post.

You can post via the Facebook posted items application or via posting on someone's Facebook wal .

Think about sharing interesting sites with other people or engaging in smal conversations that others may ask you questions about.

Be more specific than most people are on what you are actual y doing. For example, instead of just saying that you are going to a workshop, tel your friends exactly what kind of workshop it is and what is going to be involved and discussed.

Also, rather than tel ing people that you are blogging on your own website, tel them exactly what the subject matter is and how your articles are influencing people.

By using these methods and ideas, your friends wil know a lot more about you and what is currently going on in your life and in your business. Also, they are a lot more likely to be interested in what you have to say and how you can help them out. As such, they wil visit your websites and blogs that you mention in the blog posts.

Don’t Get Banned

It is possible to be banned from Facebook for having too many contacts or if you publish certain images. You may also be banned for using a name that is not your legal first and last name. There are other things to be wary of which the terms of service lay out. Read them if you are unsure about anything.




Screenshot of "MySpace" video

Click here to view the video MySpace: http://instant-traffic-to-my- has become the most famous social networking site online.

This new Internet landscape gives you a huge opportunity to market to a much wider audience then ever before.

You should take advantage of this by using the techniques described in this chapter. There are a number of factors involved to generate traffic from

Here are some of the best way to create traffic and redirect it to your website:

Use the bul etin feature:

You can use this feature to promote your product to your entire friends list very quickly. When you post a bul etin, everyone on your friends list can read it.


Don’t ever spam them, though, or you may be reported and banned. This is one of the reasons for selecting your friends careful y in the first place and being selective about who you approach.

Visit and communicate with other users:

Another good tip is to start visiting other MySpace sites and send quality messages to other users on the network. This wil comes across as more personal, and people wil be far more interested in visiting your profile and linking to your individual pages to find out more about you.

You can then just inform them about your website and drive traffic this way.

Center your pages on one main theme:

Base your page on one main topic or market. Having a focused presence means that you can become even more appealing to those people looking for what you have to offer. They wil immediately see what you have to offer and wil be more likely to check back regularly in order to stay updated on your actions.

Write to influence:

Basic copywriting skills are needed here. They include writing headlines, subheads, bul eted lists, and great content in between. The content your create must be appealing or people wil simply lose interest and leave your page.


Make your pages simple:

Ensure the webpage is easy to read and navigate around. Don’t use any of those annoying background colors or patterns, as they make the text very hard to read and they simply look poor and unprofessional.

Keep adding fresh content:

Your MySpace pages should have large amounts of information as this gives the impression that you are knowledgeable and understand the subject matter. If you consistently add new content, people wil be encouraged to check your site often.

Create a simple and clear layout:

Make the site clear so that visitors can see what you have to offer.

Make your pages appealing:

Ensure that your pages are appealing for people to use and explore. The best approach is to make your pages “sticky” and differentiate yourself from the other MySpace profiles.

Look at your keyword density on each page:

Pay attention to the factors of your Myspace pages. Ensure that you are using the right proportion of keywords in your posts and updates. You should have a 2%–3% keyword density (which means the number of occurrences of that keyword on a page).



Screenshot of "Squidoo Basics" video

Click here to view the video Squidoo Basics: http://instant-traffic-to-my-


This site is included in the ebook because it is one of the most heavily visited social networking websites. In fact, Google is known to give Squidoo a lot of attention, as do the other major search engines.

The website itself also receives a very high amount of traffic each and every month. For these reasons, you are advised to set up and use a free account.

Squidoo can be used to bring in a lot more traffic to your own website, and it is free to use. The only thing to note is that you wil need to create content and keep posting regularly to maintain your rankings.




Screenshot of "Squidoo Lens" video

Click here to view the video Squidoo Lens: http://instant-traffic-to-my-


This website al ows its users to build free mini-sites cal ed “lenses,” which can be based around any topic and are general y about things that the users have a passion for.

Understand that squidoo can be used to market your own website and drive traffic. There are already a lot of people that have built a lot of income from using this free website.

The lens must be set up correctly to maximizse your efforts, therefore I have included some detailed, step-by-step instructions in the fol owing pages. Lets take a look at them now:



Step 1—Sign up for an account.

Go to and sign up for an account. It only takes a few minutes at most. If you want to find out more about the site first, or if you have any problems, then see for more information about what the website can do for your traffic generation.

Step 2—Set up a squidoo lens for your website.

If you have multiple websites, then consider using a new lens for each site in order to drive more traffic and make the lens specific to that market place.

Step 3—Choose a topic for your lens.

This is going to be the title of your page, so make sure you have the keywords in it and that it’s a phrase that people are actively searching for.


Step 4—Choose the type of lens that you want to use.

If you want to have total control over your articles and content, then choose the “I just want to do my own thing” option. This wil al ow you to create the lens from scratch.

Step 5—Choose your desired URL.

Ensure that you choose wisely, as this cannot be changed later and wil forever be your squidoo web address. A good tip for traffic generation is to keep the same keyword or phrase in the URL as you have in the lens title. At least keep the theme similar and relevant.

Step 6—Pick the category for your lens.

Pick the category for your lens and ensure that you review the available options first. There are a number of various categories, so for maximum traffic and exposure, you should always pick the most relevant one that fits your lens best. The aim is to be alongside other lenses with the same theme, so that visitors see your lens when searching for something similar. This wil ensure that the people you are looking to sel to find you first.

Step 7—Enter a rating score for your new lens.

Enter a rating score for your new lens (choose from G rating, R rating, or an X

rating). The X rating is for adults only, so choose careful y based on the content you intend to supply. Obviously, you want as much targeted traffic as possible, so this comes down to your prior market research.

Step 8—Pick at least three keyword phrases.

Pick at least three keyword phrases that are relevant to your market and the products you want to be sel ing via squidoo. They should al relate to the topic of your lens. Think back to the title of the lens and look for keywords that get 42

many searches but have a low volume of competition. This step alone is going to give you higher rankings in the search engines.

Step 9—Donate or keep the profits.

At this point in the process, you will be asked if you would like to keep the profits from the lens or donate it to your favorite charity. You also have the option of splitting it 50/50 with the charity, so the choice is yours. Just select an option and move on.

Step 10—Enter your personal information.

Enter your personal information, email address, and a screen name to appear on your squidoo lens. You also need to select a password at this stage.

Step 11—Agree to the terms of service.

The final part of the registration process is to agree to the terms of service.

This is pretty standard for al websites, and you simply need to agree to their terms of service by ticking the box to indicate you have read them.

Wel done—that’s the end of the process for creating your squidoo lens. Now it’s time to drive traffic from squidoo to your websites.

From here you can start to amend your squidoo lens in any way you want by adding content, images and other methods to increase your traffic.



• Squidoo and can bring your website a lot of traffic because Google is very active in listing its pages.

• When selecting a topic to write about, try to use one with low search competition in the search engines but a lot of recent popularity from users (i.e. something that is a current hot topic). This tactic will al ow you to rank highly in Google for that particular search term.

• Only use squidoo tags that relate to your lens and are very relevant to your post. If you fail to heed this advice, your lens could easily get flagged as spam and maybe removed.

• It is possible to get a first page listing on Google just by using squidoo, which means using and redirecting that traffic to your website. You can earn high rankings quite quickly once you have the content added to your lens.

• Always plan and research your target market and keyword phrases to use before creating your Squidoo lens.

• Whenever you create any content, always focus on the reader and what they want to know. Provide high-quality content and you wil separate yourself form the mediocre marketers out there and attract more attention and traffic. Focus on helping readers to find relevant things to buy on your lens.


Press Releases

A press release is a written document that is created explicitly for the news media to publish and syndicate. A press release should be newsworthy and make an announcement about your business or products.

Press releases are great when you have an announcement to make, like that you are releasing a new product or new website. I’m sure you can be inventive here and use that situation as a means to create a newsworthy document.

Using a press release means that your message can be spread far and wide by al sorts of people and marketers on the Internet. They are one of the very best ways to get your message spread all over the Internet.

Also, remember that the news media is involved, so you have an army of journalists working behind the scenes spreading the word. It can spread to some of the top news websites on the Internet, as wel as offline news sources.


Press releases are seen as official documents, not blatant marketing sales pitches, so you can gain a lot more exposure with a press release than with a regular article. People also tend to see them as impartial stories and not as sales letters.

As such, most people do not expect a press release to be sel ing anything, so they are syndicated and spread and used by many of the big news services within your market.


To be seen and noticed in today’s busy marketplace, you need to use press releases as many of the top marketing experts do.

They are great for generating a quick surge of traffic and can be re-released at a later date if you need to. You should think about using press releases whenever you want to announce a product, contest, or a new service as part of your business.

Lets look at how to write a press release.


You should always include quality content in your press release in order to initiate a lot of traffic to your website. Of course, your aim is to make sales and encourage the reader to visit your site, but you must avoid the hard sale used in most online advertising. You should write your release in a journalistic manner by revealing something new in order to capture the attention of the readers and other people in the media.

Press releases are different from articles, and the layout should be different also. You need to taylor your writing style to the news media rather than the end user, or it wil not be published in the big news sites (and you wil lose a lot of traffic and free exposure).

Here are some points you should keep in mind when you are writing your press release:

• The press releases must be compel ing and interesting to read. It must have an angle and that should be clear to anyone reading. Make an announcement!

• Use a journalistic or newspaper approach when writing. You should be reporting on the story instead of overtly sel ing.


• It should be informative and have valuable information. Give away some quality facts and reveal some information that other people would not know.

• The most important details should be included in the opening paragraph of the press release. The reason for writing should be very clear after reading the opening paragraph.

• The remainder of the press release should contain more information about your business and how to contact you. You can include a cal to action here, but don’t let it come across as a sales pitch.

• The media won’t publish stories that are simply sales pitches, so avoid this or your press release wil fail to reach your intended audience.

There are also a number of important sections to add into the press release. If you create the press release with these feature, you wil have a very good chance of getting it published by the big services.

Remember to include the flowing when writing your press release:

• Facts about the topic you are writing about.

• Quotes from people mentioned in the story, or even from people who have been affected by the topic of the story.

• Write it like a newspaper article informing people about an event they should be aware of. Don’t sel them on a product or service.

• The history of your business and how it relates to the announcement.

• Images of the product, service, launch, event etc.—images are a great way to break up the main text.

• Statements that back up the main theme of the press release.

• Contact info (choose whether or not you want your telephone number, address, or a by-line).



The initial stage in the process is to publish the press release as far and wide as possible in relevant markets and locations. You can do this manual y by hand, or use some services that wil cost you a smal fee. Such services promise to promote your press release to a set number of locations.

Publishing Press Releases Yourself

It can take a little time to locate and find the best possible places for press release submission, although there are a number of free resources online that offer great help for beginners.

You need to know where you wil get the best exposure and where the most people wil see and act on the release. This wil ensure you get the maximum benefit and traffic from the work you have done by writing the press release.

Press Release Services

There are also a number of press release services available on the Internet.

Pay attention to the submission guidelines that the service uses, as you may be in breach of some them without realizing it.

Some services have strict guidelines that you need to fol ow, or your press release could be removed from their database for not meeting their requirements.

There are a number of press release services that require you to use a character-per-line format. Other services al ow you to submit the press release in other formats. They are al different, so make sure that you read the terms of service first.



Probably the most popular and wel -known press release service online is cal ed PR Web. It can be found at See the screen shot below:

PR Web offers a broad range of service to users. You can choose the free service or a $500 service. The high-end option guarantees a lot of attention from the media offline and ensures that a major online presence is seen as wel .

By using PR Web or any other service, you are guaranteed to have your press release syndicated to newspapers, radio stations, and offline magazine publishers. Besides this, it is also sent to a host of top webmasters and other press releases services.

You can use a number of other options that cost far less and can create a lot of traffic also. For example, is wel known for its professionalism in the marketing industry.


Press releases wil always generate a lot of traffic, especial y if the press release is wel written. It is a marketing technique that I encourage you to explore further and take the advantages that it offers.



How To Build Incoming Links

Screenshot of "One-Way Links" video

Click here to view the video One-Way Links: http://instant-traffic-to-my-



In simple terms, a one-way links lets you place your link (to your website) on other relevant websites without needing to reciprocate—you do not need to give them a link in return. This process is cal ed one-way linking.


One-way links are a great deal for you because you get search engine relevance and also the exposure of being seen by their visitors and customers. They also provide a lot of free traffic.


Getting enough one-way links is like leaving your cal ing card al over the Internet. This gives you a greater chance of people seeing you and visiting your website.

Always make sure the websites that link to you are good quality, and try to have as many as possible linking to you.

One-way incoming links are simply the best links to have, and as the Internet is just a huge network of websites, linking is a natural process and can be used to drive a massive amount of free traffic.

Look at your own marketplace and see how there are mil ions of relevant websites that al share a huge portion of traffic. You can tap into that and direct the traffic to your website with simple links. So start approaching these sites and find out if they offer one-way links.

Search engines can bring in a lot of traffic, but linking alone is bigger than the search engines. You can have thousands of links al bringing in steady traffic each day, if you take the time to set this up properly.

With that said, there a number of experts who believe that one-way link campaigns, or “power-linking,” make the search engines look smal in comparison, considering the amount of traffic that a links campaign can generate.


Anchor text is the text used to link from one website to another. This is also known as a hyperlink.

Anchor text is important because it is used for linking two sites. For this reason, you should make sure that the anchor text (hyperlinks) always contains your main keyword phrases.


This al ows the search engines to know the nature of your website and rank you under the keywords you want. If you use this technique, then any searches conducted for your key term should list your site in the search engine’s top pages. The higher a ranking you have, the more traffic you wil get.

Provided the content on your website matches the linking text that is used by other websites to link to you, your website wil be ranked wel in the search engines.


You goal should be to create the biggest network of incoming links to your website as possible—almost like being the center of a wheel with al the spokes coming into it.

This wil al ow you to capture the greatest amount of traffic possible for your own marketplace.

Now let’s talk about some of the best ways to create links back to your websites. Al of the techniques below create one-way links, so they are perfect for what you need. Notice how many of the processes and techniques in the book are mentioned here.

Write and create free content to give away:

Free content is a great way to bring in one-way links, so think about giving away free reports which people in your marketplace need and want (more on this technique in a later chapter).

Ensure that the content is unique to your site, and get links from other websites in exchange for the free products.


Provide testimonials for other people in your marketplace: The idea here is to review other products in your marketplace and provide the creator a testimonial in exchange for a link back to your website.

The best place to get a link is on the sales page itself. You can get a lot of attention this way (if the product is popular). This is a nice little tactic, and simple to do.

Use authority sites to get one-way links:

Authority sites are those considered to be very important and the most relevant in the marketplace. Sites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, news sites, and so on are a good example.

These are deemed to be quality websites and are not considered spam. As such, a link from these popular, wel ranked sites (the top websites in your market—you should know who they are) is very helpful for your rankings in the search engines, and also very good for your traffic (as these sites get lots of traffic daily).

You do need to provide something special in order to gain one-way incoming links from the very best websites in your market place. One way to do this is to approach the authority sites in your marketplace (the big-name gurus) and offer to write content for them, completely free of charge.

You should provide top quality content, which they wil then publish on their website








I highly recommend you use this tactic as its a great way to bring thousands of people to your website and “re-use” the visitors of high-traffic websites in your marketplace.


Make regular posts on relevant forums:

This is a very quick and simple way to not only establish yourself as an expert in your marketplace, but also to ask the owner for a link in exchange for your continued valuable content.

Besides this, don’t forget to place a smal link in your signature file every time you make a post. This wil provide a lot of awareness about your products and websites, which people can click on and talk about on other forums and blogs.

This idea is expanded upon in the forum section of this book.

Create free reviews of other websites:

Another great way to generate incoming links is to create free reviews of other websites you would like a link from. You should send the review to the site’s webmaster and give them permission to use it, providing they post a link to your website in return.

In essence, they are getting an endorsement from another site in the market, which can provide them a lot of credibility, so they are likely to be interested in doing business with you. This is a great deal for you also.

Instruct them to place links on their websites and give away free content that they can upload to their websites as wel . Everything you give away should link back to your website for maximum effect.

Comment on other blogs:

Another fantastic way to generate one-way links is to comment on other blogs relevant to your market. The quality of the comment you post is very important, as spam is now very prevalent across most blog sites on the Internet.


Please see the blog chapter for more in-depth instructions on the best way to post comments (and your website link) to blogs to gain precious one-way links. There is a correct way to use this method, which can real y enhance your linking campaign.



Blog Marketing

Blogs are one of the best free tools for any online marketer looking to send traffic to their website and also build a marketing campaign. This chapter is going to explain how to use a blog to drive traffic to your website.

Blogs are viral and grow natural y as people add content and make comments about other people’s posts. Search engines real y like to index blogs and visit them frequently. This means that you can get listed in the search engines quickly and get high rankings also.

Blogs are constantly updated, so fresh content can be used on a regular basis, and you can keep your prospects updated about new products.

You need to promote your blog as wel as posting content to it on a regular basis. We are going to cover how to effectively use your blog as part of your overal marketing strategy.


Screenshot of "How to Write Blog Posts" video 57

Click here to view the video How to Write Blog Posts:



Build a reputation for giving away great content for free, and people wil actively seek you out to learn from you. You need to provide value—that’s the key. Give the readers what they are looking for.

Use powerful headlines to attract attention, and then use good transitions through the post to keep up a good sense of flow, keeping your blog interesting and easy to read.

Use embedded links that offer further value outside of the blog (your main website that you wil direct readers to). Don’t just post a title and then a link to your website, or your blog wil get classified as a spam and could be deleted.

The big key is to make your content interesting for your readers, or they will get bored and leave.

Other things to consider when writing blogs are:

• Make blog posts conversational, short, simple, and easy to read.

• Make blog posts topical and based on current issues in the news. This always gets readers’ attention, as they are already thinking about the topic!

• Keep posts short.

• Discuss one topic per post, and then link to more info (only give the reader one choice).

• Write posts with opinions to get readers engaged.

• Make the blog posts enjoyable to read so that people return to your blog regularly.


• Write regularly (or get others to write) so readers and search engines visit your blog on a regular basis.

• Ask the reader to leave a comment and encourage active communication. This is the best way to have your readers build content for you.


You need to optimize your blog posts in order to rank wel in the search engines for the keywords you want to target. It is possible to have blog posts listed on the first page of Google and the other major search engines once you have optimized the pages.

Optimize your blog posts for your primary keywords. Here is how to do it:

• Name the blog post (title) with the keyword you want to target (and include other relevant keywords in the sub-headings).

• Use as many other related keywords in the content of the blog post as you can, but don’t simply stuff it ful of keywords or you wil be too obvious and drive people away.

• Name any images on the blog with the primary keywords.

• Add the keywords into the keyword section of the blog post (from the back end).

• Relate it to similar blog posts that you have published.

• Create a category with the same keyword name, and then list the post in it.

• Use the primary keyword you want to optimize for in your blog URL.

• Use primary and secondary keywords in the anchor text of the links in you blog post.



Once you have your blog set up and you are publishing regularly, you can start to real y enhance its presence in the search engines. One simple way to do this is by submitting it to directories, providing there is relevant content in the blog.

Always submit your RSS feeds. RSS feeds are pieces of code that are generated every time you post to the blog.

There are a host of blog directories and RSS submission sites below:


A ping is just a message sent to the blog to tel them that you have just updated your blog. This then gives the cue to others to visit your blog and check out what you have published.

Ping the blog servers in order to let them know that you posted some new content to your blog.


There are numerous services available on the Internet that are specifical y designed for tracking and connecting blogs.

You can load a lot of the ping servers into the blog platform you are using, or you can use a number of services that do this process automatical y. You simply need to set them for a certain time during the day, or multiple times per day. This wil bring the search engine robots to your blog and get it indexed very quickly.

You can search Google for a list of ping servers, but I have included a number of them below for you to use:

Miscel aneous/Server-Ping.shtml


Building links to your blog wil increase your exposure in the search engines, and it also has a viral effect as the word spreads and people leave comments and links on their social networking profile, other blogs, and forums. This just takes on a life of its own once the initial post has been published and read.

There are also a number of methods that you can use in order to start getting links pointing to your blog from other locations on the Internet: 61

• Create easy to navigate categories on your blog that can be accessed from the side panel.

• Link other websites to your blog your (as long as they have related content).

• Track back to other blogs in your posts.

• Post quality comments on related blogs in the same market (this is discussed in detail below).

• Set up a place for other websites to submit their link exchange offers in order to exchange links with other related blogs and websites

• Make a link to your blog in your signature file when you post to forums.


Blog commenting is simply leaving messages on other blogs on the Internet that are related to your market. You can use these blogs to direct traffic back to your website by taking part in conversations and posting comments while including your site link.

Always leave quality content to engage readers about what you have to offer.

Then provide your link for them to discover more.

Blog commenting is stil an effective strategy for building traffic, when the comments are used effectively. Blogs are stil very popular and also receive a high priority from search engines, as wel as getting a lot of natural traffic from people searching the Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

In effect, you can get your site noticed by posting comments on relevant, targeted blogs that get a lot of traffic. You can then “piggy-back” on the 62

rankings of the blog itself and use that to take some of the traffic to your own website.

They key is to post a quality comment and include a link to your website for readers to get more information from you. The main point here (as always) is to post relevant, good quality content that adds value to the blog.

Creating and Posting Quality Comments


Read the original article or post you wil be commenting on.


Now look through any other comments that have been posted. Note the general theme of the blog in general and how others have reacted to it.


Now begin writing your own opinion. You can incorporate what others have said, or answer them directly.


Try to write a couple of paragraphs and include some content which presents your knowledge of the subject.


A sloppy, low-effort comment wil guarantee that your comment is marked a spam and removed. Take the time to post something of value to other people.


Add a link to your site for others to receive more information. Just add the link in to the general flow of the comment so that it is not a blatant advertisement.


Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can generate huge quantities of traffic to your website very quickly, and it is almost impossible to stop once it gets started. The Internet itself is a viral dynamic as people interact each and every day to create new content.

For example, people see something they like and write about it, or post it to their blog, or link to it and so on. Then other people see their comment and start to write about it, and so the cycle continues.


Viral marketing is one of the very best kept secrets in online marketing. The best way to think about it is just like a virus spreading. Al the smal actions that people take online combine to create a much larger, unstoppable force as your information gets passed around the Internet.

The effect can happen via emails, forum comments, blog comments, word of mouth, social networking sites, articles, and so on. There are literal y hundreds of ways to spread your viral marketing message.

You can use this “word of mouth” style advertising in your own promotions with great effects. A viral campaign wil outlast any paid program, as it can never be stopped, unless people take down their websites.

This means that a constant stream of traffic wil flow to the website you create the viral marketing promotion around.



• Give away free viral special reports on a topic within your market.

• Give away free viral ebooks.

• Give away free viral articles and e-zine publications.

• Give away free viral software (which links to your website).

• Give away free viral audio recordings (which links to your website).

• Give away free viral video (which links to your website).


Here are some quick tips to getting started and being effective:

• Al ow other marketers in your market to give the free viral product to their customers free of charge. Put a value on the price of the book, and code the links so they al point back to your main website. This is a good way to promote your products.

• Create a report around a subject that is a hot topic or that solves a big problem for people.

• Give away the great content to people for free, simply for just visiting your blog or social networking profile page. If you demonstrate what you have to offer for free, then people will wonder how great your actual products are.


• Encourage people to pass the product to their friends and other people.

People wil want to publish it online and post about it on forums, blogs, and so on.


The key is to give the impression that the free report has huge value and is worthy of a $47–$97 price tag. Provide great content and give away some of your best secrets. This will real y create a buzz about you and your website.

The report should provide enough value that people cannot believe you have given it away free. This will create posts on forums and blogs and real y get it to spread quickly.

If you write articles for your prospects, then a good tip is to combine ten or more and compile them into a viral report. This is a very quick and easy way to get started with viral marketing.

As long as the content is good quality and you distribute it widely enough, it wil just continue to spread and spread. The keys are your content and picking the right style for your market.

Lets look into that in more detail…


Content is king when it comes to viral reports, as people won’t pass it on if it’s useless information. The content you create should be something that solves a problem for people or engages them on a current topic of conversation.

Decide what people want to know most in your market, and then give it to them. You can ask your prospects and customers questions and get them to fil out questionnaires in return for the free report when complete (via your blog or social networking profile).


Look at current trends that are being discussed on forums, blogs, and social networking sites. Look for the most popular ones and then create a report about them—linking your own product into the equation.

Tips and Article Reports:

Some of the best viral reports to create are based around tips and articles in the market you are promoting to. You can simply combine a number of articles that already exist on the subject and edit them and add some further clarification. People love to be given new tips and advice on how to do something better, faster, or cheaper.

In certain cases, the more plain and bare the reports look, the more people are prone to reading them and passing them on. On the other hand, if they are seen as unusual and new, then the viral reports can create a lot of interest.

White Papers:

You can also create white papers (authoritative reports) and spread them viral y. This can be a good idea, as many people see them as official documents and are more likely to read them than a report with a fancy graphic on the cover.

Special Reports to Solve a Major Problem:

Another idea is to create special report on a subject that is causing a lot of people problems. The viral report should just focus tightly on one particular problem and explain how to solve it. Make the report a step-by-step guide on how to remove the problem or get around it.


Trial Versions:

Offer a trial version of a product, or a limited version. If the product is software, then this works very wel . Typical y you can offer a 30-day trial run without any problems. This is known to increase traffic as the application is passed around the Internet viral y.

If you are promoting an information product, you can cut certain chapters out of the ebook and publish them for free inside a viral ebook. This is like a sneak preview, but provides real y valuable content. If the content is high quality, it wil be passed viral y from person to person.

Case Studies & Interviews:

You should also think about writing case studies of customers who have bought your product and then building them into ful -length interviews in which the customer reveals al . People like to read exclusives (just think about the popularity of celebrity gossip) and find out what the real secrets are. If they feel they are in on the secret, then take ownership of it.


You must market and “sel ” the free report as much as you would a paid product. This is one of the missing keys in viral marketing. A lot of people think that you only need to create something free and people wil go wild over it, but this is not true. In fact many people don’t use free products, as they perceive them to have no value.

You should mention your free report in the fol owing places:

• Blogs—add this as a permanent feature on your site and talk about it in each blog post.

• Blog comments—make reference to it on other people’s blogs.


• Forums—add the link to the report inside your blog signature file as discussed earlier. You can also create a new conversation for people to provide feedback on.

• Email important people in your marketplace and offer to send them the report for free.

• Ask other authors in your market to send it to their email list. They wil probably do this if the content is good enough.

• Add the attachment to social networking sites and send out announcements to your friends list.

Ensure that every page has a link back to your website and a clear cal to action.

Include partial stories in the ebook, which are explained in more detail on the website. This is a great way to ensure people visit your website.


Always try to incorporate viral marketing into any website or any marketing campaign you create and run. You can real y increase your exposure and web traffic from something very simple to do.


Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are excel ent places to start building up credibility as an online expert in your own particular field or subject matter.

You can simply sign up to a forum in your marketplace and start to engage other people. The best way to do this is by providing free content and giving advice with out asking for anything in return (at first).

If you use this tactic, many people wil start to ask you questions and want to know more about your knowledge and what information you have to offer them. They wil ask you to see your website and provide any other products that you have to offer.

Essential y, you will be marketing in reverse. This is a much better tactic than blatantly trying to sel products from the day that you sign up to the forum.

This wil only annoy people and ensures that they wil ignore you and discount what you have to say (because they expect you to pitch a sale at them).


Whatever market you are involved with will have forums or places where like-minded people get together. You simply need to conduct a search in Google or another search engine.

You can find many forums by searching for general information on your market as wel . Look for the experts in your niche and see what they recommend also. The best forums are the ones that are updated daily and have a high level of user participation.


Forums are viral by nature, as one person responds to another comment and so on. Because people may be joining the forums every day, you wil have a steady stream of potential prospects to contact.

Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a forum to use:

• Look for forums that have high level of user participation.

• Use forums that are updated regularly.

• Ignore forums that have a lot of flaming (insulting feedback) or negativity.

• Look for forums that have a large number of users.

• Find forums that contain people who are active in the market—not those who just want to chat about ideas (and who wont buy anything).

• Use forums that al ow linking.

• Use forums that al ow you to use a signature file on each post.


Once you have established yourself as part of the community, it’s time to use a signature file in your forum posts. This is simply a little piece of code that gets posted to every comment you make. The signature wil contain your name and also a link to your website.

This is a great way to gain more traffic and exposure. If you have already established yourself as an expert in the forums, then people wont mind you using a signature file as it adds to their experience and understanding of the topics.


However, it is probably not wise to begin using a signature file from the moment you join the forum. People wil simply see you as trying to advertise and not someone with valuable content. As such, they are more likely to ignore everything you say and not investigate you any further. This is a subtle point, but very important.


Due to the viral element of any forum (users replying to other posts, people tel ing other people about them, messages getting posted on other forums, etc.), al of the content on the forum becomes very good quality search engine


This viral element al ows the search engines to easily find the forum and keep returning to uncover more and more content each time. Many forums now rank highly in the search engines. As such, you should post as often as you can and remember to join the most popular posts, and even to add a smal comment or opinion.

Always ensure that you are adding to the quality of the discussion, and not simply advertising yourself again. Regular advertising will get you banned in many cases.

Forums are an excel ent place to build your reputation and brand name in a market and demonstrate the knowledge that you have to offer. Remember that people are looking for solutions, and this is a great opportunity to give that to them. You should use forums as an integral part of your marketing plan.


The Next Step

You now have a wide range of options for generating a lot of free traffic to your website. Regardless of how old your website is, these strategies wil help to bring traffic in a short period of time.

Some of these strategies bring traffic more quickly than others due to their nature (social networking and article marketing), however others wil help to maintain your presence in the search engines for many years to come.

For example, building one-way incoming links is one of the best ways to establish your website as an authority site. Unless those directories go out of business or get banned (very unlikely), there is nothing to stop them from holding your link for many years.

Besides this, you can build your own authority status the longer you have been established in the directories and search engines. These are al factors that the search engines look at when ranking your website.

The best way to get started from here is to choose one of the strategies and start to implement it. Review the section again and then take action. This is the fastest way to learn and produce results.

Your website is ready to receive traffic and you have the means to provide it now, so don’t wait—take action now!

In fact, I recommend you begin by submitting your website to at least ten directories. This will give you a head start, and then you can work on other marketing techniques while the directories are reviewing your website.

Another good idea is to begin using the social network sites in a more productive way. If you need to sign up, then do that now, or start to create content about your business and projects.


Once you have completed these steps, you can start to work on the other marketing strategies and build your momentum. Eventual y you wil have pieces of al the techniques in place and be getting a lot more traffic for your website.

I wish you the best in your marketing efforts!