Your First Steps in Internet Marketing HTML version

Why this book?
The internet has been growing at the rate of about one million
new people everyday and many have been told stories of
great monies to be made online. A larger number have burnt
their fingers by associating with fraud operators and you might
also be feeling that opportunities on the internet cause alarm.
I have been personally researching this space since Jan 2009
and have found many things that work and many that do not.
Coming from a management consulting background I had
both the money and the inclination to investigate. Thanks to
network marketing I also had the time.
I therefore compile herein 7 key things to know, to start
making your first $100 online. Once you can do $100, you can
do $100,000. You have cracked the code and got into the
correct associations. After that it will only be your dream and
work ethic that limits you. Here’s to your success!
That said, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes…
PS: On pages 32-38 you will find links to all the resources
mentioned in ‘green underlined’ on various pages of this book
(like ‘management consulting’ and ‘network marketing’
above). These are immensely valuable references, and some
affiliate links (which would make me a commission if you buy
any recommended product). Please click on them!