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Why this book?

The internet has been growing at the rate of about one million new people everyday and many have been told stories of great monies to be made online. A larger number have burnt their fingers by associating with fraud operators and you might also be feeling that opportunities on the internet cause alarm.

I have been personally researching this space since Jan 2009 and have found many things that work and many that do not. Coming from amanagement consulting background I had both the money and the inclination to investigate. Thanks to network marketing I also had the time.

I therefore compile herein 7 key things to know, to start making your first $100 online. Once you can do $100, you can do $100,000. You have cracked the code and got into the correct associations. After that it will only be your dream and work ethic that limits you. Here’s to your success!

That said, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes…

PS: On pages 32-38 you will find links to all the resources mentioned in ‘green underlined’ on various pages of this book (like ‘management consulting’ and ‘network marketing’ above). These are immensely valuable references, and some affiliate links (which would make me a commission if you buy any recommended product). Please click on them!


1. What exactly is Internet Marketing (IM) 5


2. How do I pack IM into my busy schedule 6


3. How do I make the most of the opportunities 11


4. Which is the best place to start 21


5. How does the money-part work 27


6. What will get me real results 29


7. What is my next step 31

In addition to the above 7 key things, you will learn a lot from the footnotes on every page which link to some great stuff on how to work and how to think. Be sure you click each one:

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What exactly is Internet Marketing

Let’s say you are good at cooking Chinese food. You have someone set up a website for you and book parties and assignments for you. That is internet marketing.

Let’s say you write a book on 72 ways to use soya sauce without a soya after-taste. You convert the book into this form (what you are reading now is called an ebook) and put it up online at a price (like this one). That’s internet marketing.

You form a group of Chinese food lovers on facebook and share a recipe with them every week, for which they send you a subscription fee. That’s internet marketing.

You get specially designed chopsticks made and sell them on ebay with your signature on them. That’s internet marketing.

In short, from products to intellectual services, anything can be bought and sold online. And it’s safe and speedily turning into the norm. So its best you learn the right things to do…

Learn how to use facebook for business – click here now
How do I pack IM into my busy schedule

Time is everyone’s biggest concern. How to get things done? To my knowledge, no one has put the use of time as well as Steven Covey in the Urgent-Important matrix.


He says you should spend 70%+ of your time on things that are Important-but-Not-Urgent. That’s life in Quadrant II (Q2). To avoid Crisis, Distractions, and Time-Waste, he says less than 10% of your time should be going into each of the other quadrants. That’s the secret to successful living!

Have you met the ‘Productivity Guru’?

Here are the 5 things that are Important-but-Not-Urgent in Q2. – Preparation
– Planning >> critical
– Prevention
– Relationship building
– Personal development

Shall we examine them one by one, relative to your newfound ‘Internet Marketing life’?


Preparation: What is required of an internet marketer?

The first thing we need is the right ‘mentality’. Does business mean some kind of ‘lottery’ to you… or does it stand for a process of building up something from scratch, methodically, and with commitment. If it means the latter, please read on… else, you might want to be on some kind of lottery site (yes they’re there but that’s not my kind of Internet Marketing).

Let’s first understand that we’d need to start planning for our business life and prioritize some budget to pick some product/s and plug into some system/s that will get our business/es into the internet-world.

Any F*R*E*E kind of stuff is a waste of time. A free business is not getting money from anywhere, so what’s it going to pay you? Obvious but often overlooked. Are you one of those people who love to ‘feel busy’ evaluating freebies? Now you know that’s Quadrant IV stuff. Please stop!

Here’s a good article on business focus
Planning: What types of online businesses are possible?


Essentially there are 5 slots into which any individual internet marketing business would fall:


1. Direct Sales

This is easy to relate to. The internet has cut too many ‘middle-men’ out of the equation. Any company has a product or service to sell. They have researched it, produced and packaged it and now need you to market it. Since you like commissions, you master the ways of selling it online and presto, get paid for it! Examples are many but some meaningful opps areebooks , google courses , wealth education , home business solutions etc. If you are selling your own products or services - like Chinese recipes - that too would fall under this category.

2. Affiliate

Somewhat similar to direct sales, affiliate-ships help you to a readymade web page that could be customized with your name and some details.Clickbank is a good place to find affiliate products to promote and ebay is an age-old market place. You would need some or many of these as you go about your online business and we’ll talk more about it in Chapter 3. You would start as an affiliate and eventually perhaps even become a vendor.

How much money can you make online?

3. Network Marketing
The genius of distribution modeling, network marketing pays

pretty well for people who stick with it. The biggest problem with it is, it’s easy to get in and so it’s easy to get out. But if you work a network marketing business professionally – like you might if you had your life-savings invested in it – nothing can pay better. If you are open to understand this,nothing does it better than the videos here .

4. Systemic
What a system is needs to be understood and the article here

will help . Systems enhance the effectiveness of all home based businesses, whether they be network based, affiliate or direct sales. Many systemic online businesses are found in finance and day trading also. The opportunity in internet marketing of systems is – they are necessary ‘tools’ for everyone. During the ‘Gold Rush’ (I am told) the guys selling the shovels made as much money as many of the guys who even found gold! So systems (tools) are big.

5. Data-based

The opportunities here are related to data entry type work from companies. Surveys, transcriptions, translations, writing opportunities, form-filling works are the type of ventures that fall into this category of online business. It’s less of internet marketing and more of clerical work actually, but a large number of people like to just earn this way - nothing to market.

An article on the business of Network Marketing
Prevention: … is better than cure … says it all

Instead of creating Quadrant I crises, preventing problems can give you more time for other Q2 stuff. I know this is difficult to imagine, but better planning avoids Q1 issues. And crises that are really killer will pass anyway! You can only assess what you focus upon / revel in… is it Q2 type stuff or Q1?

Online, Q2 would mean better education for instance. Use of systems . Belief in your coach . All of which serve to ‘sharpen the axe’ and prevent losses.

This ‘axe’ reference is to the story of the woodcutter who spent a full day cutting one tree. A wise man told him to sharpen his axe… "by doing so you will cut four trees in the same time." But our man did not do that. Why? He thought he had no time to sharpen his axe!

Are you thinking that way? Are you mostly fire-fighting for survival and therefore minimizing your productivity? Maybe you want to review and reprioritize your daily activity.

Relationship building

This is where the rubber meets the road. MK Gandhi said, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it."

Watch a video and take a spot check on what Success means to you

You build relationships online and relationships build your business. Period. Of course you can advertise… all the classifieds, banners, pay-per-click (PPC) and stuff. But all that only leads to the start of the relationship. And that is the business owner’s main focus.

On Web2.0 (the interactive web), there are many forums and chat places… there are also huge hang-outs like facebook and myspace. What do you do here? Build relationships! Imagine these as social parties. You get into the room, make some friends and invite them to your home (your blog) or to office (your business site). Simple. Just as you would behave off-line, behave online. And I really wonder why many people don’t. Perhaps it is the Q1 addiction taking over. Which is what the last point is about.

Personal development

Nobody trained most of us for business. Especially not for big business, which the internet is perfectly capable of. So I urge you to start this journey with Mike Dillard. His book,Magnetic Sponsoring, is the most profound treatise on how to think for life – with or without a business. And if you are going to be with it, even more critical to know

Books will stretch your mind to the level of the author. Why compress it with inane negative newspaper input when you can blossom with books and make your business bloom alongside effortlessly?

So practically, where do you start? Here’s a phenomenal personal development system if you’d like to dig in now.


Who is Mike Dillard?
How do I make the most of the opportunities


Great you are here! Before we step into action-mode, let’s just understand what our priorities as an internet marketer will be.


As you go down this pyramid, the money you earn keeps increasing… don’t worry about the jargon; it will be explained.

You decide to start a business You become a part of some system You set up your site/s, lead capture pages, even a self-hosted blog