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Guide To Buying Your Dream Home
Mortgage payments
Repairs, and
Additional features
While this is a short list, throughout this book you will learn other ways to find
your dream home. In the end, you will just know when you have found the right
Moving into your first home will be an experience you will never forget. You
should be excited as this is a little piece of the world that is just yours. Whether
this is the home you will live in for a long time or just for a short time, buying a
home will give you a sense of pride and of purpose. Not only will you have a
mortgage to pay, you will also be responsible for making the home your own.
When thinking about purchasing a home, you should begin saving your money
for closing costs, repairs, and decorating materials.
One of the more rewarding moments will be when you get the keys to your new
home and you begin making it your own with a little paint, furniture, and
personal style.
Chapter 1 - Location, Location, Location
Choosing where to live is almost as important as the type of home you want to
live in. While this is a very personal decision, there are pros and cons to every
neighborhood. But wherever you want to live, you will have to know where the
highways are located, grocery stores, schools, and how far from work you will be.
Buying a home means more than the structure you will be living in. It is also the
community and the accessibility to places and events that mean the most to you
and to your family.
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