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Guide To Buying Your Dream Home
Chapter 2 - Working With Realtors
If you are like many people, chances are good you looked around different
neighborhoods, saw a few homes that were for sale, maybe visited an open house
or two, and then felt stuck. What is the next step? Approach the home owner?
Visit a realtor?
Finding the right realtor when buying a home depends on what you are looking
for in a home. You may have to visit several realtors before finding one that
listens to your wants and needs. After all, you will probably be paying them a
commission once you have found a home, so you should be comfortable working
with them during the house hunting process.
Choosing A Realtor
There are a few ways to find a reliable realtor. For example, you can:
Ask friends and family
Ask other realtors
Attend a few open houses and meet realtors
Find ads online or in the newspaper
Walk into a local office, or
Look for local realtors in your neighborhood by paying attention to for sale
signs in the neighborhood
Asking plenty of questions before looking at houses may seem like a lot of work,
but when you visit a realtor for the first time, you should think about questions
that will help you get to know this person who is going to help you find your
dream home. The five best questions to ask are:
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