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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 13 Your Attitude - Your Job
A positive attitude at your work place can bring you respect, admiration and
promotions. Do you work at a job where you have people who are negative?
Are you negative in your work place?
Keeping positive about your job and doing the best that you can is the best way
to getting recognition. By refusing to listen to negative talk and or joining in,
you will surprise yourself how much better you feel about yourself.
Gossiping about co-workers, or the boss is all negativity that you do not need in
your life or on the job. Keep positive. If you don’t like to be gossiped about,
then it is best not to join in gossip about someone else.
When you attitude is positive and you decide to do the best you can at the job
you are doing, you will be amazed at how much more you can produce. Just stay
away from people who interrupt you, talk badly about others and in many ways
are not going anywhere. You are going somewhere, and that is what is
Your Attitude - Your Family
A positive attitude with your family can bring healthier relationships and a
happier home life. Your family is probably the most important thing in your life.
Learning about parenting, and how to improve your marriage is a great step
toward a happier healthier home life. Get those communications open and learn
all that you can about how to improve your marriage.
Get negative people out of your life. Yes, it will take some doing. Almost every
family has a negative person, and it is very hard to get away from family,
however, you can keep watch that you don’t let a negative person drain you, and
you can plan your visits around people you do want to be around.
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