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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 12 The fun Game to Play
This is a fun thing to do to find out a little about you. You will use your
imagination and pretend.
Here we go. Remember this is not real. I am not going to give you a house.
Get out paper and write down your answers.
I have decided to give you a house. Don’t ask me why, I just feel like it.
You get three choices of a house.
A small house, a large house or a medium sized house.
Which will you choose?
This house will be on an ocean, a lake or a stream.
Choose one.
You are happy you have your house, but I ask that you put a vase in the entry to
your house. Will it be a big vase, small vase or medium vase? Choose one
Okay, now you are in your house and you are looking out at the landscape, and
you decide to go for a walk. You walk and walk and see a lovely field of flowers
and sit down to admire them. As you sit you find a key.
Do you keep the key, or leave the key?
Next, you go off in another direction and WOW you find a dark mansion… it is
kind of scary looking, there is an locked gate and lots of over grown weeds, do
you go in?
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