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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 11 Against the Odds - Harness
Those Darn Urges
When you are trying to improve
yourself, and you make up your
mind that you are going to stop a
behavior that just is not good for
you, whether, it is drinking,
drugging, smoking, promiscuous
sex, food bingeing, food purging,
gambling or anything else. You
are going to get urges!
Accept that you are going to get urges. Urges can come on strong or light. It all
depends on what is triggering the urge. KNOW that the more urges you resist
that eventually, they will not be as strong, until one day, you will say to yourself,
“Hey, I did not have an urge.” Then it might come again six days, later, but
notice that each time the urge is easier and easier to conquer.
“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want
most.” Anonymous
We can take smoking as an example.
You decide not to smoke, for four hours you have not smoked, you have done
wonderfully then that horrid craving comes on. Your urge to smoke is what you
think is unbearable.
The urge is not unbearable. It is manifested in your mind that it is a MOUNTAIN
to climb rather than a bump. Treat each urge as a bump, and not a mountain.
Positive control and thinking can get you over the bump, for “this too shall
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