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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 9 Work Shop
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Finding what caused your negative Attitudes- Work Shop
Attitude: Manner, disposition, feeling, position toward a person or thing.
Ruin: the downfall, decay or destruction of something.
Negative attitudes can ruin you. It isn't enough to say, "think positive".
Sometimes one has to trace back to where it all started to go wrong.
The point where your attitude changed for the worse we will call a "ruin",
because to some degree it was brought about by downfall, decay or destruction
of yourself.
Let's assume that the natural healthy state of mind is positive, cheerful
and effective. Many of us feel that way most of the time. Some don't. All
of us have times when we feel less than up to par.
So let us think of "ruin" as an inability, rather than something that was
done to you. We don't have to buy into the victim mentality that is so
often foisted upon us. Let us look at this from an attitude of taking
charge of yourself; that is, taking charge of your own life. It isn't, "I'm
the way I am because my father and mother both died when I was young.”
It is more that when you found that both father and mother were gone, you felt
inadequate in some way. Maybe you felt helpless, or lost. Or maybe you were
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