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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 7 Your Health and Exercise
One of the best things you can do for yourself is take care of your health.
In order to use the wonderful mind you were given, you need to make sure it gets
oxygen. You need to make sure that you get enough sleep, and that your body
gets fed properly with the proper nutrients.
You need plenty of water, and you need to move that body.
It is very difficult to get all of your nutrition from the food you get in the store
nowadays. Much of the fresh produce has been stored for days before you get to
purchase it. Supplement a healthy diet with vitamins.
When you are not eating properly and when you are not getting enough fresh air
and getting some exercise for your body, you are not being the best that you can
be. It’s hard not to get snappish at others when you are tired. It’s harder to
control your temper when you are starving yourself.
When your brain is not getting fresh air, it is hard to stay focused on your goals
and the changes, that by now, I am sure you are thinking a lot about.
Your brain needs omega3. Fish is brain food. If you are a vegetarian, then you
probably know that you can get omega3 by eating walnuts.
If you don’t exercise, start doing some. I don’t care if you walk 5 feet more past
your mailbox every day, or decide that you will walk four aisles extra in the
grocery store. Do something and do more each day, until you are bursting with
Stretch first thing in the morning. Get those kinks out and limber up.
Step outside and inhale and exhale. Fill those lungs then let the air out.
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