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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 6 Your Mood and Colors
Did you know that the colors that surround you can influence your mood?
Did you know that a orange or a red room can stimulate your appetite and that a
blue plate will make you eat less? Many restaurants use reds and orange in their
Orange can also create laughter. It is a good color for a room where you would
entertain your guests.
Did you know that yellow is bright and cheerful, but if you have a whole room
painted bright yellow, you can start feeling angry?
Red can stimulate. It is also a color of power. A woman giving a speech wearing
red, demands respect. It is also the color associated with lust.
Greens and Blues are soothing colors. If you have a board meeting and you want
more creativity, you might consider painting the room with invigorating colors.
Blues and greens make for soothing quiet times.
Pink can soothe, however, pink can inhibit aggressiveness. If you are planning
on your daughter becoming a lawyer, maybe you might want to give her a
different color. Maybe light lavender would be a refreshing change.
Black, which is not a color, shows authority and independence.
White, which is also not a color, reminds people of innocence and can be
Purple is the color of mystery and intrigue and is comforting.
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