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Your Attitude - Your Self-Esteem
Your Attitude is something that is uniquely yours. The dictionary defines mental
attitude as:
n 1: a complex mental orientation involving beliefs and feelings and values and
dispositions to act in certain ways; "he had the attitude that work was fun."
Your Self-Esteem is something that you have been developing all of your life
and it can affect everything you do.
The dictionary defines it as:
n. Pride in oneself; self-respect.
One thing that both attitude and self-esteem have in common is that that they
both can be changed. Yes, you can improve your attitude and your self-esteem
and that is what this book is going to show you how to do.
Please keep an open mind as you read this book, because before this book can
help you, you must focus and apply the tools and ideas that you are about to be
given. Many times in your life, you may have heard that “Money is Power.”
It’s true. Money does allow for power. However, real power is knowledge and
then applying that very knowledge to improve your quality of life. This quality
can go from a relationship with your parents, grandparents, friends, spouse,
lover, to the creep that lives next door, even to improving your income.
When your attitude and self-esteem are in a positive frame of mind, you can turn
mountains into little bumps. You can make more money, become healthier, have
more friends, and even make more time for yourself, and it is all done through
knowing and taking simple steps that soon become giant leaps forward.
Copyright © 2003 Teresa King
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