Your 2014 Home Improvement Calendar HTML version

We all begin the year with the very best intentions; stop eating junk food, exercise more, sort the house
out, clean for five minutes a day rather than rushing madly to cram everything in to a cupboard before
your parents arrive. The list goes on.
However, as life begin to catch back up with us it becomes more and more difficult to keep on top of
the promises you made to yourself. What you really need is someone to organise all of this for you and
keep you on the straight and narrow.
If you’ve been meaning to sort your house out this year, whether it’s just sprucing up the garden,
finishing off that little bit of painting you’ve been meaning to do for months, or finally clearing out your
clutter, this month-by-month DIY calendar will make sure you get all of your household maintenance
done on time and right first time.
Each month, you’ll find a list of tasks that need completing along with a list of tools that are required and
simple step-by-step instructions. Before you know it, it’ll be December and your house will look as
good as new. With all of those niggling DIY project and tasks safely behind you, you can look forwards
to a stress-free year.
So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!
Happy DIY-ing…