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Robinson's stay in the island had now come to an end, after more than twenty-eight years, for in
a few days he and Friday sailed for England in the ship. Some of the mutineers were left on the
island, and were afterwards joined by the Spaniard and his comrades, for whom Robinson left a
Robinson did not forget, when he left, to take with him the money and gold bars he had got from
the wreck of the Spanish ship, and he took also, as a memento, the goatskin coat and the great
hairy hat. But the Captain was able before the ship sailed to give him proper clothing, the
wearing of which at first put him to dreadful discomfort.
The voyage was a long one, but they sighted the English coast at last.
It was thirty-five years since Robinson had set foot in [pg 170] England. And that morning, when at last,
after the weary years of exile, he again saw his native land, he laid his head down on his arms
and cried like a child.
And, may be, you too some day may know the joy of coming home, out of the land of bondage.
Canterbury Tales