You Die, We Grieve, They Rejoice HTML version

Death allows us to understand that each one of us is living a human experience. That
there is a soul; an energy being inside us that will one day leave our physical body and
this Earth, and return to our true home in the Spirit World, that which many call Heaven.
The purpose of this lifetime is important to each one of us who is completing it.
Knowing that there is more than what many popular beliefs hold is important also. We
are all the same. The people should know that there is no reason to fear your own death,
nor the death of a loved one. Going home through the avenue called death is painless for
the Soul, yet the process of leaving your true home and being forced out into this physical
dimension through the avenue of childbirth is very traumatic and painful indeed for the
Grief is a wonderful mechanism built into the human system, it allows an individual to
process their loss based on that persons understanding of the true value of what was lost
to them in that lifetime. Grief gives them the time they need to refocus and readjust to
their new life path, which now offers new directions they may seek out for their spiritual
Do not fear death, for it is simply your Soul returning to your true home. Those you
have known throughout eternity; true friends and spirit companions who have been with
you through many lifetimes, will rejoice when you return to the other side. They will be
waiting with open arms to receive you and surround you with feelings of pure love and
joy at your return. It matters not what your beliefs are, for we are all created by the same