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I AM a Chiropractor, Spiritual Traveler and a Reiki Master who have been
practicing for more than 20 years internationally in Germany, USA, Italy and in
the Philippines.
I believe that we have free will to choose to be with God or be without Him.
Perhaps I consider hell to be without God, whether on Earth or after death. I
think the people who bother me most in life are the ones who tell others that if
they do not follow their set of religious beliefs, they are doomed, yet the
source that they are speaking from clearly states that God is the only judge.
So I searched for a religion that fit me correctly. I wanted to find a set of
spiritual beliefs that fit closely to mine. I heard many beliefs that I agreed with
and took what I liked from each religion I studied. I believe that everybody has
his divine purpose for being here and that there is a shift occurring in religions
around the world.
I rely completely on my Higher Power or Higher Self, which I refer to as God, for
everything in my life, and it is through that power that I am capable of attuning
into realms or other ‘Higher Beings’ to connect and download several Energy
Healing Modalities like Reiki, Spiritual Healing Codes and more.
These are just a few of my beliefs and the reason that I am sharing this
information with you is so that you will hopefully feel a closer connection to
me. It is important to have support and someone to talk to while learning and
growing in our spirituality. You should know that I am always here to offer my
thoughts and guidance. I certainly don’t know everything about energy
healing, but I have learned a lot, and I will always do my best to help you
along your chosen path. You are embarking on a wonderful journey! Take your
time and have fun.
With Light & Love,