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Worlds Unseen
Book 1 of the Seventh World Trilogy
Rachel Starr Thomson
Worlds Unseen
Copyright 2010 by Rachel Starr Thomson
Cover painting and design by Deborah Thomson
All rights reserved.
Published 2010 by Little Dozen Press
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: A Shadowed Past
Chapter 2: Run, Boy, Run
Chapter 3: When They See Beyond the Sky
Chapter 4: Brightly Coloured Paths
Chapter 5: A Decision Is Made
Chapter 6: The Blackness Has Wings
Chapter 7: A World in Turmoil
Chapter 8: Revelations
Chapter 9: Salvation
Chapter 10: An Unfamiliar Soul
Chapter 11: Dreams and War
Chapter 12: Betrayal
Chapter 13: The End Begins
Chapter 14: The Peace of Death We Break
* * *