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World's Greatest Health & Exercise Myths

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Published: 1 year ago

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In this unusual book you will discover why cholesterol is good for health; the more the better. Why polyunsaturated oils are worse for health than saturated fat, and why a high fat diet is best for health. This book reveals the shocking truth about the most treasured and widespread myths in the world. For example, oily fish is said to be good for the heart but in fact fish oil and oily fish cause heart disease and a host of other illnesses. You will discover why all kinds of exercise are bad for health and responsible for millions of deaths worldwide, and specifically why exercise is a major cause of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. If you value your health, this gem of a book is an absolute must have.

anil goyal

Truely eye-opening.How come common medical belief and advice is exactly what it should not be ?

Ronald Atkins

A truly awesome book. It will make you re-evaluate some your most cherished beliefs about health and exercise and leave you looking in a new direction for protecting your well-being. Highly reommended!

Peter Green

fabulous book that everybody should read

Peter Green

A truly great book that at last throws some light on some of the greatest misconception of our age.


Russell Eaton

Russell Eaton was born in London, England, but has lived for many years in Ecuador, South America. Widely travelled and a best-selling author, he has written books mainly on health, nutrition, travel, and well-being topics. Russell Eaton enjoys keeping fit and is old enough to think that policemen look young. With a wide range of interests and a willingness to always learn new things, he continues to write on anything that he thinks will genuinely help people have a better life.

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