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Wordpress Plugins Guide

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Table of Contents
1. Anti-Spam 5
2. Admin CP Skin 5
3. Admin Related 5
4. Admin Login 7
5. Advertising 7
6. Adsense 8
7. Affiliate Marketing 9
8. Auto Posting Content 10 9. Audio 11 10. Blog Layout 12 11. Blog Navigation & Post 12 12. Business 13 13. Comments 13 14. Content 14 15. Database Back Up 14 16. Ecommerce 15 17. Email 15 18. Forums 16 19. List Building
20. Maps 17 21. Membership 17 22. Mobile 18 23. Picture Galleries 18 24. Polls 19 25. Promotion 19 26. Ratings & Reviews 20 27. SEO 20 28. Security 22 29. Search 22 30. Stats 23 31. Social Media 23 32. Translation 25 33. Video 25 34. Writing Content 27

Plugins A-Z 27 Introduction

Wordpress is the most popular blogging software on the planet with an ever increasing amount of Wordpress plugins available it makes sense to have a resource to refer to when it comes to finding them.

Sure you could spend hours and hours finding these plugins on the Internet, but how much is your time worth?

I have been using Wordpress blogs for about 3 years now and totally love it! It has evolved into a powerful Content Management Solution as well as a blogging platform which is enhanced by the number of plugins that make it such a powerful web publishing platform.

Ive used Wordpress in many different niches and markets and different purposes, it doesnt matter what you use Wordpress for, the plugins listed in this guide will transform your blog into a powerhouse.

Some of the plugins are repeated as they are relevant for more than one category. There are also some pretty awesome Premium plugins that you have to pay for, which weve put at the beginning of each category under a green „Premium heading.

Also, Id like to point you to a free service for fixing plugins. Upgrading to a newer version of Wordpress can be a frustrating experience when some plugins suddenly dont work and the author doesnt update them. Well, Maxblogpress are offering a solution to this problem:

Happy Wordpressing!

Jerry Holliday
http://www.jerryholliday.com http://www.wppluginsguide.com

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The Plug Ins

1. Anti-Spam

The default spam killer already installed on WP, you will need a WP API key to this to work.

Tan Tan


Captcha Form shown to Flagged Spam comments.


Spam Karma 2.3 Anti Spam plugin

Email Immunizer
Provides protection against email harvesters by taking email addresses and mailto links on your blog and converting their text to numeric character references.

Did you pass Math?
Addition to comments that provides the commenter with a simple math equation to solve to prove that they are indeed human.

Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin
This plugin for Wordpress 1.5.2, 2.0.x and 2.1 asks the visitor making the comment to answer a simple math question. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot.

2. Admin Control Panel Skin

WP Tiger Administration


Improves the WP admin area layout.


Angsumans WordPress 2.0 / 1.5.x


Trim The Fat Resource Hogging WordPress Admin Dashboard

3. Administration Related

Maintenance Mode


Let your WP blog be temporary unavailable whilst doing updates.

Unavailable for Maintenance
Shows a Custom message display to visitors for whilst you do Maintenance.

Direct access from within WP admin to backup, restore and play with the Database without needing to log into your Cpanel.
(link leads straight to download)

WP Automatic upgrade


Easily update your version of Wordpress from the admin area.

Prevents your blog from over pinging and getting tagged as a ping spammer.

Mass Post Manager
Mass Post Manager helps you easily manage existing posts. This plugin enables you to manipulate the categories and comments related to existing posts.

Smart Update Pinger

Replace the default pinger, allow editing to published posts without pinging. Details ping report for ping list and error.

iphone / mobile admin
Mobile Admin adapts the WordPress admin UI to be more friendly to mobile devices, specifically phones.

Fancy excerpt plugin


Replaces the default excerpt of Wordpress.


Frame buster plugin


Prevents your site from being loaded in a frame.

Add Copyrights To Your RSS
This plugin adds a copyright message to your feed items to prevent feed stealers.
No customization is required.

Subscribe to Comments 2.0
Allow user to subscribe to comment with email notification with robust features to admin & user to avoid spam.

Works like a tool tip. Instead of text, it shows a capture Screenshot.

Prevent the recent posts from falling into the uncategorized category.

Search Meter
Keep record of what your readers are searching for, or configure it to show the popular search terms.