Women and the Rwanda Genocide HTML version

even in the situation of genocide, so they must be freed to continue their natural purpose in life which is
to serve men. A genocide cannot occur if there is not a mass of people who believe in the genocide's
purpose and necessity. A genocide will never be able to occur if there were not any followers who
simply obeyed orders and went along with the propaganda, considered the rewards of aiding in the
genocide, and also, due to fear. Were the women afraid, did they believe what the radio told them, or
did they truly want to kill and persecute and torture?
In this reflection essay, I will analyze the role of women before, during and after the genocide.
To analyze the women during the genocide will not allow me to fully understand their minds at the
time, hence I believe it is necessary to study the role of women prior to this period. Secondly, I will
discuss the main female actors who committed the horrendous acts, why they did it and their
consequences. Thirdly, I will take the point of view of the victim's side to show that women were also
detrimentally affected, portraying the other side of Rwandan women during this time. Lastly, I will
analyze the transformation and the empowerment of women in Rwanda today who constitute seventy
percent of the population. My main aim in this paper is to show an extreme example of why men and
women, in the end, are not divided, different, and unequal via a radical method, which is to show that
men and women who participated in the Rwanda genocide were actually on equal playing ground. In a
time of complete chaos, where civilization is broken down and morals no longer exist, women break
free of the chains of expectations and responsibility, and allow their true colors to show, exactly as men
do in war and in conflict. During the genocide, males and females had morphed into one sex and this
sex can be classified as monster robots. They went from male and female to conducting monstrous
acts and did it in a robotic way because they were ordered to and did this without emotion and
There is a presumption that women are good by nature, that is, hospitable, welcoming, mild, and
incapable of committing atrocities. So, women who really participated, that is, those who were violent
or surpassed the expectations of them, and who cannot be explained away as innocent, are not