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Looking for an Angel with Purse Strings
Most business owners reach a phase of growth that requires additional capital to go
forward. It is often a surprise to discover that growth costs money, and quick
growth requires quick money. So how does a business owner go about finding it
and what are the options?
Venture Capital is the first thing most business owners think of when they begin to
consider capital for growth. However, Venture Capitalists will usually not look at a
business unless the investment being sought is over $500,000.
In most situations, this is more money than a small business really needs or wants
to be responsible to pay back. Over financing is never a smart idea; it just gets you
in deeper than you really want to be.
Furthermore a formal Venture Capitalist will become heavily involved in the
running and decisions of your business. Something that can become difficult if the
business you have built is near and dear to your heart.
Another option to consider is an Angel Investor. The standard behind an Angel
Investor is less restrictive and money loaned can range from a few thousand to
upwards of a hundred thousand and sometimes more.
The Internet is without a doubt the best method for locating the right Angel
Investor for you. There are online clubs and discussion lists you can join, along
with free newsletters to subscribe for additional information. Learn all you can
before you pick an investor, in the same way they will learn all they can about you.
The following links will give you a great start on your search.
International Angel Investors Institute
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