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The Art of Outsourcing
An essential element to the growth and success of any business is the art of
knowing when and how to outsource tasks. When time restraints overwhelm us and
we begin to suffer from burn out, stress, and loss of direction, the need to outsource
tasks and assignments becomes necessary to our survival.
Your first step in outsourcing will be to decide what duties should be handed to
others. This can be determined by making a list of all the things you do, that take
time away from other more important responsibilities, which require your personal
attention. You may consider delegating tasks such as sorting email and other
communications, word processing, newsletters, copy writing, typesetting,
bookkeeping, and transcription, to name a few.
Your next major decision will be to decide to whom you will hand the work. In my
personal experiences, I have discovered the wonderful world of Virtual Assistants.
By definition, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is an individual who works from her own
home or office in completing delegated tasks and assignments through partnering
with businesses, individuals, and organizations via the Internet.
While new Virtual Assistants are popping up over the Internet daily, as with hiring
any administrative support for your business, you should be careful in your
selection process.
Personally, I would not consider retaining the services of a VA until after I have
taken the opportunity to:
• Review her web site and services offered.
• Request a copy of her portfolio or resume.
• Retain samples of her work.
• Interview her via the telephone.
• Interview some of her past clients.
• Establish a fee schedule (to prevent any misunderstandings regarding
compensation for her completed work assignments).
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