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Women Working From Home
Assuming the Role as the Boss
One day you are working for someone else and overnight you begin working for
yourself. You are 100% sold on the concept of working from home, but this thing
of being your own boss may create a tad bit of skepticism as you redefine your role
in your career.
To many, having a boss gives them a sense of direction, an incentive for getting to
work on time, an opportunity to let someone else make the decisions, as well as a
source of motivation to keep going when they would rather just take a break from it
Becoming your own boss is probably one of the biggest adjustments for
entrepreneurs. You have always yielded to someone else’s direction,
expertise, and authority, and now it is time to assume the responsibility
of managing yourself.
During the course of your career, you may have worked for more than one boss.
Each brought their own personality, level of authority, and management style into
the arena. You probably experienced a host of role models, whether good or bad,
which stand out in your mind as you now decide the best way to manage your own
There are three important steps that must be taken by every entrepreneur as she
assumes the role of being her own boss.
1. Know and understand what motivates you.
The first question you should ask yourself is, “What do I enjoy
doing?” If you enjoy doing what it is you are doing in your business,
then you are more apt to be motivated to do it. Determine what it is
that inspires you to move forward, whether it be compliments,
positive feedback, criticism, competition, working under deadlines,
completing tasks early in the game, reward incentives as you progress,
a genuine passion for what you do?
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