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Share Your Knowledge with Others
Often times, sharing your knowledge with others is an excellent opportunity for
you to gather new business prospects. Entrepreneurs have discovered that one of
the most viable selling tools is education. By making people aware of what you do
and how it can benefit them, you can gain their trust and set the stage for an
ongoing business relationship. Seminars and public speaking events provide the
entrepreneur with the perfect setting to share what she does best.
Not everyone feels comfortable speaking. Speech skills can easily be developed
through determination, a public speaking class, and a lot of practice. Just as you
learned to manage the basics of running a business, as time passes and you gain
experience, you will learn the art of speaking before a group of people, and
possibly become quite comfortable with it.
A major outlet for getting yourself before an audience filled with potential clients
is to plan and carry out your own seminar. Whether you solicit the help of other
professionals in your field or go at it alone, you can pull off a successful event.
Begin your preparations well in advance, documenting every idea and detail.
Decide on the topic of the event before you proceed any further. While it is not
necessary to do so, if you plan your seminar in conjunction with a holiday or
related event, you may find that it is easier to market.
For example, Administrative Professionals Week would be an excellent time to hold
a seminar for office assistants and administrative staff who may be interested in a
seminar on “Office Organization and Planning” or “Managing the Person You
Work For.” Select several locations where the event could be held and narrow your
list depending upon availability.
Determine the maximum number of participants the location will hold before you
begin marketing. You can go at it solo or pull in other participants and/or sponsors
to assist with the cost in exchange for exposure or a cut in the profits, if you charge
the participants a fee.
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