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Building Contacts Through Trade Shows
Community trade shows are great outlets for getting your products and services in
the view of the public. The Chamber of Commerce, local clubs and organizations,
or other community services often sponsor these events.
The purpose of trade show events is usually to bring together businesses and
organizations within the community who have something to share with the public
in an effort to assist them in gaining better exposure.
Who wins? Everyone!
Trade shows are an ideal opportunity to meet other business professionals and
organization representatives within the community. It brings you together in a
common arena with common goals. Consider it the perfect time to network. As you
visit each display, briefly introduce yourself and present your business card.
Always ask for a business card in return.
In order for you to be able to mingle freely, hire or volunteer someone to help you
maintain your own display at the event. Whether it is an employee, friend, or
family member, their role will be vital to your successful trade show!
In addition to meeting these professionals and learning more about their businesses
and organizations, you will also come in contact with a vast audience to whom you
can market your business. This group is made up of the general public, individuals
who have taken the time to come and see what the event is all about. Be prepared
to talk to them and share what you do.
Most of all, you should be prepared to sell them on what you can do for them! This
will require good listening skills on your part and the ability to communicate your
ideas and knowledge in a concise manner.
Normally, you should expect to pay a fee to participate in the trade show. The fee
will encompass a specific amount of space for you to display your products and
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