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Women Working From Home
When Your Significant Other is Your Partner
It is not uncommon today for a woman working from home to eventually find
herself teamed up with her husband or significant other.
Imagine waking up and going to bed with the man you work alongside of, dine
with, and share life with each and every day. The trend of couples working from
home in a partnership venture is becoming more widespread as they discover it can
actually work.
With the necessary insurance, retirement plans, and investments in their future
being easier now than ever to obtain, couples are finding that they can manage
financially. As a matter of fact, financial management is often easier to deal with
than the stress caused by the endless hours spent together.
If you are going to work together and play together, you may first need to
establish boundaries in your relationship.
While you are partners in business and partners in life, it is extremely important to
discover and maintain your own personal identity and set aside a certain amount of
time to spend apart. Even the best of relationships will at times experience the
stress of being together 24/7.
By the same token, do not spend all of your time together working. Your
partnership in life is more important than your business partnership, and you need
to spend time with each other on a regular basis in an environment that does not
include business. Delegate specific responsibilities in the business that each of you
will be able to manage separately.
Chances are your own individual interests and talents will play a significant part in
determining your roles. By the same token, divide up the time you spend taking
care of household chores, cooking, and childcare. Remain flexible enough to
interchange these roles when necessary or to add diversity to your routine. And by
all means, each individual should claim his/her own workspace whether the couple
shares an office or is fortunate enough to have a separate office of their own.
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