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Marketing When You are Not Working
Situations in your every day routine provide excellent, but often unnoticed,
opportunities to market your business. Everyone you come in contact with either
by telephone, in person, or over the Internet is a potential client. Have you learned
to effectively market to these individuals?
Marketing when you are not working is definitely a viable way to gain new
exposure and potentially increase business.
Always, always—make absolutely sure you’re armed with business cards
when you leave the house. That tiny card that fits into the palm of your hand is one
of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever use. Keep a stash of them in
your purse at all times.
During your next shopping trip, when you pull out your wallet to pay the check out
clerk, retrieve one of your business cards. Politely hand it to the check out clerk
with a smile and just as you are handing her the card, introduce yourself and
business by saying something like, “My name is Ima Bizness (or whatever your
name is) and I have developed a line of unique apparel for preemies. Let me leave
my card with you so that you can share my name with others.”
When you leave a restaurant, place your business card on the table as you are
leaving, or hand it to the waitress as you recite the same introduction above. The
next time you are out with a group of friends in a public place, or even visiting in
someone’s home, make sure you have those business cards handy.
Often, you may be introduced to someone you have not yet met. When you are
introduced to this individual, you will have to determine whether or not it is a good
time to pass out a business card. If the introduction includes mention of your
business, or if the conversation eventually leads to your business, you should not
let the individual get away before you can place a business card in his/her hand.
When you are out on the golf course playing 18 holes with another individual, or
even a group, or when spending the day at the beach with friends, what do you talk
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