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Women Working From Home
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Creating Prosperous Relationships
ISSUES that affect the day-to-day
As corporate America continues to downsize, more individuals are discovering the
benefits and rewards of working from home. Taking their experience and talent out
of the corporate realm and putting it to work in an arena of their own can prove to
be positive in numerous ways.
However, at the same time, the challenges of not being able to pull together an
entire project for a client due to limitations caused by lack of experience, limited
knowledge, or time restraints, prove to establish borders for many entrepreneurs.
There is help!
Through creating partnerships with other entrepreneurs, individuals in business
find that they can expand their horizons and make business more profitable and
The concept of partnering involves discovering the right individuals who offer
services that complement your own. For example, a web designer who lacks in
writing skills may find it profitable to team up with a professional writer who can
provide dynamic copy for the websites they can create together as a team. Thus, a
partnership is formed.
Partnerships in the traditional sense of the word have entailed a never-ending paper
trail of legal documents and accounting records. Once you were tied into the
partnership, it was more difficult to get out of it than it was to get in it.
Today’s partnering ventures, especially through the Internet, are less formal and
can take on many forms, depending upon the individuals involved. Each partner
can maintain her own business and work as separate entities, or they can create a
more formal bond by establishing a new entity together.
How do you locate the right person to team with?
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