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Women Working From Home
Dress for Success in the Home Office
Working from home brings with it an air of freedom and relaxation that is second
to none.
It is so easy to wake up each morning, throw on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, pull
your hair back, and head off to the computer. I am confident in my thoughts that
every home-based entrepreneur has at one time or another even sat in front of the
computer in a pair of pajamas or her favorite nightshirt during mid afternoon.
And while some individuals will argue that the way they are dressed has nothing to
do with their work performance, others tend to feel their appearance on the job at
home makes all the difference in the world as to how they perform and feel about
I’m not speaking of donning on a suit and panty hose to sit in front of the computer
all day long. Dressing for success in the home office is more of a personal issue
with each individual. What you choose to wear may depend on whether or not you
actually see clients in your home office or whether your clientele is Internet based.
Casual dress in your home office is acceptable.
Pajamas may be stretching “casual” to the limit.
A good rule of thumb about clothing choices would be to select clothing that is
comfortable for your work environment and makes you feel good about yourself.
What we wear can actually make a difference in how we feel about ourselves, as
well as how we perform.
In speaking with various women in business to get an idea of what they are
wearing in the home office, there were a myriad of answers.
Many report they prefer jeans and a comfortable shirt or sweater. Others vow they
feel more energized and confident in a jumper or dress with tights or sandals,
depending on the time of year.
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