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Purchasing a Computer That’s Right for You
One of the most exciting experiences in starting your business is purchasing a
computer system. Those feelings of excitement can easily be over clouded with
doubt and confusion when you are not prepared for the diversity in systems
available today.
Do not fear. Savor the thrill of the shopping experience by taking heed to the
following tips.
• Determine what your immediate needs are in a computer system
before you set out to purchase one. What will you be utilizing your
computer for? How much time will you be spending in front of your
computer monitor? Will you be utilizing it for a great deal of design
work or word processing? Will your usage entail the Internet?
• The computer industry experiences rapid change. New systems are
constantly introduced with higher speeds and a host of new bells and
• Increased memory and hard drive space allow for storage and
implementation of larger programs and intense graphics.
• CD-ROMS grow in speed, and today’s systems even allow you to
record your own CDs. Systems are manufactured with pre-installed
software. Even disk drives are now designed to hold a wealth of
information on one single floppy disk!
The possibilities are endless and new ones come to light just when you think you
have the latest and greatest.
What should a consumer look for when comparing systems?
To be on the safe side, Information Resources suggests that you purchase a system
with the following basic components and features:
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