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Stocking Your Supply Closet
Once you have designated space for your office, you will begin to fill it with office
furniture, equipment, and supplies. Start by grabbing a pad and pen and make a list
of all the supplies you will possibly need to purchase. Keep the list handy so that
you can add to it as additional items come to mind.
While everyone’s needs differ from business to business, there are inevitably basic
items that will be either necessary or beneficial to the majority.
Let’s go shopping!
Your Starter Kit
Pick up a dozen of your favorite pens and pencils; keeping in mind that black is
the recognized color of choice in ink for business usage. For editing purposes, you
may want to throw in a couple of red ink pens, as well. Your budget may be the
determining factor that attributes to the brand and style of pens you select.
Highlighters are a must for marking important information that you need to keep
up with or information you wish to mark so you can find it easier. These neon
markers come in several colors and can be purchased individually or in a set. Their
tips vary in size, depending on your individual needs. Yellow or hot pink
highlighters are always two good colors to have nearby.
Standard items such as stapler, staples, paper clips, scissors, glue, and rubber
bands are relatively inexpensive. The quantity you purchase should be determined
by anticipated need. I would recommend you do not strive to stock pile any of your
supplies. You may want to first experiment with various brands in order to
determine what works best for you.
Other basic supplies might include a tape dispenser, invisible tape, ruler, Post-It
notes, staple remover, liquid correction fluid, appointment calendar, and a small
hand-held or desktop calculator.
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