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Whats in a Name?
Deciding on a name for your business can be just as fun as it is frustrating. You
want to choose just the right name, yet have no clue as to what the right name may
be. You narrow your choices down to five names that all merit top consideration.
All of a sudden, none of them seem to appeal to you in the least. Just how do you
Begin by selecting a name that is associated with the products and services
you actually sell, as well as offers possibilities for expansion. While it meets your
needs now, will it meet all of your needs 10 years from now? For example, the
name Angie’s Hair Salon portrays an image of a place you can go to have your hair
done. Five years down the road, Angie decides to open a complete beauty spa with
all the glitz and glamour to meet the needs of today’s woman.
Her old name does not bear a reflection on her new services. However, had Angie
considered the probability of expansion five years prior, she would have in all
likelihood selected a name that allowed for growth, such as Angie’s Glamour
Salon, Angie’s House of Beauty, or even Angie’s Glitz and Glamour.
The second step to consider is whether or not the name you are considering is
easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Your goal is to attract and retain
business. If people cannot recall your name, or pronounce it when trying to refer
others to you, you will miss out on sales opportunities. While the name may be
easy for you to say or recall, keep in mind that others must remember it too.
Unique is widely acceptable. Often, the catchiest names are the easiest to
remember and associate to the business. Toys ‘R Us® capitalized on this concept
and has created a niche across America with a name people associate with nothing
more than toys! Having later implemented a line of products geared toward
babies, there were no questions asked about ownership when Babies ‘R Us® was
Using Angie by way of another example, she could have selected the name Angie’s
Cuts and Curls, thus selecting a name for her business clearly associated with what
she actually does.
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