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What Does Your Mission Mean to You?
What does your mission mean to you?
Do you even have a mission?
Before you can progress in business, you have to have some idea of where you are
headed and how you plan to get there. I am not talking about establishing goals –
that’s a totally different help line. If you have not yet established a business
mission statement, we will walk through the necessary steps together.
I want to elaborate on the necessity of incorporating a mission statement into your
business. If you have a mission that is great . . . you have completed a crucial step
in planning your journey.
Every journey in life requires a mission. If you are travelling from the Point A to
Point B, your mission is to get from one point to the other in the most feasible
manner possible.
I recall from time to time hearing about someone having “set out on a mission.”
What does it mean to set out on a mission? It simply expresses that the individual
has determined to accomplish something they have determined in their mind to
For instance, if you leave your house determined to find a new dress
for an important upcoming business banquet meeting, your mission
will be to make sure you find just the right dress before you return
The second factor I would like to elaborate on is that merely establishing your
mission is not enough. You must also develop a passion for your mission and be
willing to stop short of nothing to accomplish what you have determined to do. Not
only have you determined you are going to buy that new dress before you return
home, you are also willing to drive 100 miles to find just the right one.
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