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Setting Up Your Business
Dare to Be Different in Carving Your Niche
THINGS to consider with your
business during the set-up process
Finding your place in the business world is sometimes like looking for a needle in
a haystack... even with a magnet you would have trouble drawing it out.
Rarely, if ever, does a new business excel when it opens its doors and offers the
same old thing the same old way the guy up the road has been offering it for ten
years. The ten-year veteran has a niche... he has been in business for ten years and
has established an existence.
This does not necessarily mean the new gal on the block is going to fail. It means
the new gal on the block must market the same products and services from a
different perspective in order to carve her niche and become successful.
Daring to be different is not a new concept. It has been the backbone of success
for many products and services throughout time.
The cola wars are a prominent example. With regular colas, diet colas, un-colas,
decaffeinated colas, and even diet decaffeinated colas. The major companies have
managed to rally with new and inventive ideas for soda pop.
Each time the entire world population asks, “How many different ways can they
serve up soda pop,” we are introduced to yet another. It is all a part of the
marketing game called “Beat the Competition.”
But you do not have to beat your competition. As a business owner, you may offer
similar products and services, but the key to your level of success lies in
establishing your own target audience and inventing creative marketing techniques
that are different from those of your competition.
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