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Women Working From Home
Single Moms Can Work From Home Successfully
With the increasing upswing in the divorce rate and teen pregnancies, women
choosing to take on parenting alone are no longer considered a minority group.
While the circumstances as to how they assumed the role of a single mom differ,
the fact that they are raising their children on their own presents itself with a
slightly different perspective than that of dual parenting. In essence, the single
mom is responsible for doing it all. Traditionally, the single mom had some of the
following options in order to support her family:
Governmental assistance, working more than one job in order to bring home a
substantial income, and/or possible assistance from family members who were able
to contribute. Today’s single mom has yet another option she can exercise to
support her family . . . she, too, can work from home.
Getting started may prove to be more difficult for the single mom for various
reasons. Since she is the sole provider in her household, she does not share the
luxury of depending on her partner’s income to help carry her family through the
start up and lulls experienced in operating a business from her home. Also, she
must consider insurance coverage for herself and her children. Severing the ties to
governmental and/or employment benefits may propose a challenge to her.
Perhaps, the best suggestion for a single mom desiring to work from home would
be to determine what type of business she wishes to start and do so slowly, while
weaning herself away from her current employment and/or governmental
assistance. Make it a part-time endeavor so that you can discover whether or not it
is what you desire to do in your future, if it is going to provide a stable income for
your family, and to better prepare yourself for what to expect emotionally and
Support Groups
Uncertainties and the fear of facing challenges alone can become overwhelming
when you do not have the support of a partner by your side.
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