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Women Working From Home
Exercising Your Flexibility
One of the main reasons given by women working from home that contributes to
their long list of reasons for working from home is “more flexibility.”
However, if truth were known, the majority of women working from home find
themselves actually working more hours than they did when they worked in the
real world. Instead of breaking for a leisurely lunch with a friend, they discover
they are now settling for a cup of yogurt at the computer.
Before they realize it, the weekend trip with that special guy in their life has been
put off due to a sizable job coming in that takes priority.
What happened to all of that flexibility?
No matter how busy your business becomes, it is important to maintain a
sense of flexibility that attracted you to working from home in the first place.
Becoming bogged down with work and consistently pushing aside the things in life
that matter most in the long run tends to create problems in your personal and
business life over a period of time.
If your purpose in working from home was to allow you to be available to your
children, then develop a work schedule that is flexible enough to give you that time
with them.
Children love for mom to occasionally visit them at school for lunch. Designate a
certain day of the week, or even once a month, that you will stop what you are
doing and drive to your child’s school and join him/her for lunch.
Perhaps, you are mom to an uprising basketball star or professional dancer. Clearly
mark out time on your calendar to drive your child to practice and to attend games
or performances. Coordinate your work schedule to meet the needs of your
children if this is what you set out to initially accomplish.
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