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Women Working From Home
A Time for Work and a Time for Play
The majority of entrepreneurs would probably concur with my analysis that
creating a happy and healthy balance is a major undertaking.
It is not easy to create a balance between work and play, especially when you are
the boss, the secretary, the receptionist, the computer expert, the marketing genius,
the financial advisor, and the person actually turning out all of the work.
When exactly could you possibly find time for play?
Working 16 - 20 hours each day, seven days per week is not healthy, emotionally or
physically. In addition, many entrepreneurs have discovered it puts a serious strain
on family relationships.
The average entrepreneur would justify the argument with phrases such as “When
the work comes in it has to be done” . . . “When the bills have to be paid, the
money has to come from somewhere” . . . “I’ll complete this project and then I
promise I will take a break.”
Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is addictive! It is extremely difficult to walk
away. There is an inner drive that forces us to keep on working . . . continue to be
productive . . . see how much money we can make.
What many of us do not realize is that while all of this work is well and good, and
while we even gain the greatest sense of satisfaction from it, we suffer in other
ways and so do our families.
My best advice to the entrepreneur just starting out in business would definitely be,
“Learn how to create a happy balance”. Establish limits and stick with them.
Make time for yourself, your family, and friends.
Discover what works best for you and your family. Practice saying “no” to things
you cannot accomplish. Make yourself walk away. Take time to smell the “roses.”
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