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Establishing a Workspace to Call Your Own
Every entrepreneur needs a space to call her own . . . a place where the creative
juices can flow freely and interruptions can be kept to a minimum.
Whether your space consists of a transformed closet or an entire room within your
home, your work area should be a space to call your own. It really does not matter
that you do not have a separate room that you can designate for conducting
Should you be able to only manage a corner in your dining room to set up your
computer workstation then so be it. That constitutes your workspace.
If, however, you are fortunate enough to have access to an entire room within your
home, then good for you! That is even better! No matter where your space is, stake
your claim! It is your territory and other family members should recognize and
respect your space, and make it a point to keep out.
Once you have established your space, then you have the fun-filled chore of setting
it up and organizing it to meet your needs. Again, keeping in mind the amount of
space you have available, carefully select the furniture and equipment that you
must have in order to meet your specific needs.
Arrangement of the furniture and equipment is a very important part of
organizing your office. Make sure you place each piece so that it is
ergonomically safe and within your reach for efficiently conducting
As you begin to decorate your workspace surroundings, ask yourself if you will be
meeting with clients in this particular space. If so, create a professional and tasteful
decor, possibly one that reflects the type of work you do.
For example, if you are a photographer, fill the room with samples of your
photography work. A wedding consultant may choose to create a more romantic
look for her soon-to-be brides and grooms. It is always a good idea to include
among your relics any awards or certificates you have received for your work.
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