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Women Working From Home
Discovering the Right Business for You
Discovering the right business for you is a personal issue that differs from one
individual to another.
Many home-based workers are able to bring existing skills and experience into
their own business that have been accumulated and cultivated while working
outside of the home.
For instance, a woman who has spent 20 years working as an executive assistant in
corporate America would more than likely succeed as an on-line virtual assistant or
as a home-based secretarial service.
Her vast experience would allow her to combine all of her skills and talents into a
complete package she could sell to other businesses around the world, or in her
own local marketplace.
Things to Avoid
While conducting your research to find the right business for you, there are pitfalls
you will need to avoid.
The major area you need to be wary of is “get-rich quick” schemes. Keep in mind
that success does not come overnight. Do not let anyone fool you with their sales
pitch about how they have made millions because they “told two people and those
two people told two more people” and so on and so on.
Additionally, you will not get rich stuffing envelopes, stringing beads, sewing baby
bibs, or assembling products. The small and enticing magazine advertisements that
introduce you to business opportunities are not always what they appear to be.
You must focus on your specific talents, skills, and experience to determine what
business will work for you. Then, you must work smart at becoming successful at
what it is that you do best.
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